Can you keep all-season tires on a SUV all year round?

Living in the San Francisco Bay area, the Green family is able to enjoy mild temperatures all year around and thereby able to equip their family SUV with SUV all-season tires. With all-season tires they are able to keep one set of tires throughout the year so this allowed them to get some higher end tires to get the most out of their new BMW SUV X-7. They decided for the Nokian zLine A/S SUV tires. This tire offers both safety and luxurious performance all year long.

iving in the San Francisco Bay area, the Green family is able to enjoy mild temperatures all year around and thereby able to equip their family SUV with SUV all-season tires. With all-season tires they are able to keep one set of tires throughout the year so this allowed them to get some higher end tires to get the most out of their new BMW SUV X-7. They decided for the Nokian zLine A/S SUV tires. This tire offers both safety and luxurious performance all year long.

The Nokian zLine A/S SUV tires are designed specially for heavier SUV vehicles to allow precise handling throughout the year with their many technological advances. Advancements like Aramid Sidewall technology ensure an extremely durable tire as it is enhanced with aramid fibers, which gives the ultimate protection against punctures. This material is also used in the aerospace and defense industries. You can expect excellent grip and exceptional durability all year around.

The Nokian zLine A/S SUV all-season tires are tires that can be used all year around in San Francisco with its mild climate and no real seasons. This tire is however not approved for true winter conditions of snow and ice and therefor doesn’t carry the three peak mountain snowflake symbols like true winter tires or all-weather tires. There are some major advantages in performance in an all season tire as it does not carry the rating for use in winter, they don’t need to compromise the rubber composition to withstand below freezing temperatures and are therefore made up of harder rubber that handles better on the road. Also not needing such aggressive tread it allows for lower rolling resistance which translates to better gas mileage and longer wear. If the Greens lived in an area with true winter conditions, they would then have had to invest in either an all-weather tire or dedicated winter tires in the winter. This might seem confusing considering the name of the all-season tires would imply that they could be used even in the winter months as well however they are actually only approved for three seasons -spring to fall.

As the Greens live in the Bay Area, they are able to equip their SUV with all-season tires and with the Nokian zLine A/S SUV tires we will get the best performance out of our SUV.

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Are SUV non-studded winter tires good for winter driving?

The choice between SUV studded tires or SUV non-studded tires depends on what kind of driving, where you will be driving and in what kind of weather conditions. John drives an SUV with all the newest safety accessories such as stability and traction controls as well as ABS brakes and of course the option of 4-wheel drive. Where he lives, he deals with mostly snowy conditions and not so much ice which usually means SUV non-studded winter tires would suffice. John opted for the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV tires which offer firm and precise driving while still allowing for substantial fuel savings with its lower rolling resistance.

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV is the most advanced non-studded winter tire for the use of SUVs. It is designed to provide excellent grip on ice, snow and wet roads with both stable and sturdy handling. It uses the most advanced non-studded winter tire technologies especially designed for SUVs. Technologies like the “Nokian Cryo Crystal Concept” where the rubber compound is made up of multi-edged, crystal like particles that are diamond rough. These particles act like little built in studs as they grab the road with its grip edges. This allows the tire to retain their grip even when the tire approaches the four millimeter minimum depth for winter safety.

When driving on winter roads it is important to stay calm and use the correct speed. It is important to not speed as even with the best tires driving on snow and ice requires skill and it is always more difficult than driving on clean dry roads. John originally thought that since he had an SUV he didn’t need winter tires, but nothing is further from the truth. The SUV being a much heavier vehicle needs tires with good grip to be able to brake and maneuver through turns. It is actually the tire that grips the road allowing for traction. Even though nothing outperforms a studded winter tire, non-studded winter tires come with their advantages like being able to be mounted earlier in the fall, as well as being able to be used further into the spring months. The non-studded tires are also a good choice in spring especially if you live in an area with rapidly changing temperatures. Having said that both non-studded and studded winter tires are not intended to be used in other seasons then winter.

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When can you get all-weather tires instead of winter tires?

It is not always necessary to get dedicated winter tires if you live in an area that has mild winters all-weather tires might suffice. In places like Eugene, Oregon,winters consist mostly of rain and if it snows it only stays on the ground for a few days. Many drivers get all-weather tires so not to have to deal with the hassle of changing tires.

Smart drivers decide to get the Nokian WR G4 all-weather tires.

The Nokian WR G4 all-weather tires offer excellent functionality in varying weather conditions, remaining stable and easy to control even at high speeds while remaining fuel efficient and environmentally friendly due to its low rolling resistance. These tires are also made of environmentally friendly products like canola oil as well as other premium products. No toxic or carcinogenic chemicals are used in the production of these tires. The tires are able to handle any weather conditions all year around even snow and ice.

Even though this is not a dedicated winter tire it still carries the Mountain Snowflake symbol, which means that these tires are rated for use even in severe winter conditions. So even though there is not a lot of snow here in Eugene, Oregon, theywon’t be caught off guard when it does snow. Nokian Tyres all-weather products have excellent grip and handling regardless of the forecast. This is partially due to polished grooves which effectively clean snow, slush and water off the tires. This is especially important in deep snow or slush. These polished grooves also help provide protection against hydroplaning especially from slushplaning which can be of concern when the snow melts. In Oregon, drivers have to worry both about hydroplaning from rain as well as from snow. This is because besides getting a lot of rain fall in the year, Oregon does have the occasional snowfall which usually doesn’t stay on the ground for more than a few days. This means drivers have to deal with slush from when the snow melts.

These tires also have self-locking 3D sipes on the center ribs which reduces heat resistance making the tire extremely durable and a great performer both on snowy roads and bare asphalt. These tires are good enough for use all year around and allows drivers to keep one set of tires with no need for changeover.

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When to choose all-weather tires for an SUV

The benefit with all-weather tires compared to dedicated winter tires is of course the option to keep one set of tires year round. Drivers who live in an area with occasional snow in the winter should consider equipping their SUVs with special SUV all-weather tires, since all-season tires are not able to handle snow and ice as well. This is why they do not carry the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol like all-weather tires and winter tires. This emblem basically tells you that the tires are able to handle sever winter conditions. This is important to drivers who don’t experience severe winters but do have snow, ice and possible rain and temperatures below 7 degrees Fahrenheit. The fact of owning an SUV does not equal not needing good quality tires for the winter months because even though the 4-wheel drive optimizes the power transmission delivery it gives only minimal assistance in transverse handling and braking situations. The SUV being a much heavier vehicle actually needs more grip to be able to brake. Many drivers decide to buy the Nokian WR G4 SUV tire. This tire offers both excellent winter grip and driving responsiveness allowing enhanced performance.

Nokian WR G4 SUV tires are designed for all-weather durability and excellent handling on snow as well as dry surfaces. The tire has low rolling resistance thereby making it fuel efficient. It also handles well in wet conditions, allowing extra protection from hydroplaning in either rain or slush (aquaplaning and slushplaning). This protection from hydroplaning is due to the deep transverse grooves that combined with the strong, arrow-like directional tread and polished main grooves efficiently remove water and slush. Slush is always of concern when the snow starts melting and you get the streets covered with slush. Where many live it is sometimes not cold enough to snow so instead, they have rain thereby melting the snow creating slush.

The Nokian WR G4 SUV all-weather tires can be used all year long in many places ,which of course is convenient as drivers are not required to change over tires and deal with storing tires in the garage.

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How To Know If I Should Put Winter Tires On My Vehicle?

In North America winter tires are not as normal as they are in e.g. Europe. This quick step approach is aimed to try to increase the awareness and likelihood that people will start putting winter tires or at least winter approved tires on their vehicles in order to improve the safety on our roads.

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When Should You Get A Dedicated Summer Tire?

When should you get a dedicated summer tire? This depends on what kind of driving you do and where you live. If you live in an area which experiences very hot summers with occasional summer rain showers it would be well advised to invest in dedicated summer tire. This is because the summer tires are formulated with a softer rubber compound and larger tread blocks to maximize contact with the road in warmer weather. This is why summer tires have better grip in both wet and dry conditions. Summer tires are able to handle wet roads better than winter tires and can be used from spring until fall. As always, it’s important to have a tread depth of at least four millimeters to prevent hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is the reasons for most of the accidents in the summer season so to stay safe make sure you equip your vehicle with good quality summer tires and always check that the tread depth is adequate.

If you live in an area where the summers are really hot like here in Florida, the summer tires allow the best handling on both wet and dry roads. You will have optimal performance so if you have a high performance car you will get the most enjoyment and handling when using dedicated summer tires. Of course, you could get away with using all-season tires however since they are kind of a jack-of-all-trades you won’t get nearly the same driving performance.

Summer tires like the Nokian zLine offer responsive steering and maintain perfect feel of the road under all summer conditions. This is because of many innovations like the multilayer rubber compound, which ensures that the feel of the road remains predictable under all circumstances. It also has low rolling resistance, which translates to lower fuel consumption. This is just some of the advanced features that a dedicated summer tire provides. It also is much more silent then other tires taking advantage of the silent groove design, which prevents noise.

With summer lasting from early spring to late fall here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the investment into a summer tire more than pays off. I also quite enjoy driving and spend lots of time on the road so for me it is important to get the most enjoyment out of the driving with high quality well performing tires.

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Things To Consider When Buying Tires For A Hybrid Or Electric Car?

Having good quality tires no matter if you are buying, winter tires, summer tires, all season tires or all-weather tires. There are some important differences when shopping for tires for an electric or hybrid car. Especially high-powered electrical cars like the Tesla accelerate quickly with precise steering something that requires a high quality tire to bring out these features and to guarantee optimal performance. Unlike traditional combustion engines, electrical cars reach maximum torque immediately. This means that the tires are subject to more stress so rotating tires from front to rear more often is recommended. Lets face it would be a shame to have a nice high performance car and to not invest in high quality tires.

There are some other major differences with electrical cars being the additional weight due to the batteries so something to keep in mind when braking. This is especially important on wet and slippery roads. This is where a high quality tire which offers protection against hydroplaning comes in handy. It is also important to have a tire with low rolling resistance as it consumes less energy so this in addition to keeping the correct inflation pressure saves energy and is good for the environment. We currently have the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 on our Tesla Model S. 

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 is a non-studded winter tire, which offers both safety and comfort.  We were told that we did not need studded tires as these tires have exceptional grip with their multi-faceted “Snow Claws” and special rubber compounds made up with special ‘Cryo “ crystals to further improve the grip. Grip is very important especially with electrical cars, which are heavier than other cars due to the battery packs.

We invested in some dedicated winter tires as here in Alaska we felt it was the most prudent. The winters in Alaska are quite treacherous and as we moved here in November with our Tesla Model S which we realized was not ideal for this area of the country. We decided to invest in some high quality tires and these were recommended for not only electric cars but also specifically for the Tesla Model S.  Taking advantage of advanced technologies to ensure first class winter grip on both snow and ice which is especially important when braking and accelerating. Once spring rolls around we will be in the market for some new tires.

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What To Consider When Buying All Season Tires For An SUV

Living in San Diego we are able to enjoy mild temperatures all year around and thereby able to equip our SUV with all-season tires. The all season tires allow to use one tire all year around which of course does make sense from a financial stand point. We did however want to invest in some good quality and well performing tires to allow the best performance for our sporty SUV.  We don’t really use the 4-wheel drive or lower gears of our SUV we mostly enjoy the extra space and performance when driving on the freeway and in some of the dirt roads when driving our daughter to her riding lessons and our son to his boy scout outings. We decided for the Nokian zLine A/S SUV tires. This tire offers both safety and luxuries performance.

The Nokian zLine A/S SUV tires is designed especially for the heavier SUV vehicles to allow precise handling throughout the year with its many technological advances. Technologies like the Aramid sidewall technologies which insures an extremely durable tire thereby protected from punctures with its use of the aramid fibers. This material is also used in the aerospace and defense industries. You can expect excellent grip and exceptional durability all year around. This will come in handy when picking up our daughter at the ranch where the access road makes us think of a rock mining site.

The Nokian zLine A/S are SUV all-season tires that can be used all year around in San Diego however if we lived in an area that had severe winters this tire would not be enough. We would then have had to invest in either an all-weather tire or dedicated winter tires in the winter. It might seem like an all season tire would be good for all season as the name implies however this is not so. The all weather tire is actually the tire that can be used even in the winter as it somewhat of a hybrid of all season tires and winter tires. The all season tires are great in an area like San Diego where we do not actually experience winter with snow and ice.

We are lucky to live in an area with such beautiful weather. This makes the choice of tires easier however it is still important to choose a high quality tire to ensure the best performance of your SUV.

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Five Reasons Why To Select A Finnish Winter Tire

Buying new winter tires is never easy. In North America they are not even mandatory except for Quebec, so if you plan to buy a set it means that you have already made a conscious decision that you will be safer driving with winter tires on. Some of the best winter tires are coming out of Finland. Nokian Tyres is the world’s northernmost tire producer and also the inventor of the winter tire back in 1930-ies.

  1. They produce the tires in a country that has quite long winters with some really harsh and varying winter conditions, so they know what is needed from a proper winter tire.
  2. They are able to test the tires under very harsh conditions to ensure that constant improvements lead to a successful product
  3. They produce some of the safest tires, due to the constant development of both studded and non-studded tires
  4. Nordic countries have a very good reputation of producing high quality products.
  5. They have a wide variety of different winter tires for different vehicles. So you can keep using the Nokian Tyres brand despite that you might change the vehicle.

The constant development and testing of Nokian Tyres’ winter tires in harsh conditions ensures that you will be safe. They have always been in the forefront of technology and safety. These tires have the excellent grip and stability on winter roads, so that regardless if you face snow, ice or slush, you will be able to drive safely. They are also excellent on preventing slushplaning, which can be quite a scary feeling. Select a Nokian Tyres model that fits your vehicle.  Then make sure that it fits with your requirements before purchasing a set. With a set of these premium tires on your vehicle you will start driving safely also in North America.

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The Reason For Buying Summer Tires For Your SUV

With the nice weather arriving and with our upcoming trip to Yosemite, I wanted to make sure we had some well performing summer tires especially dedicated for our SUV. As we just bought a sport SUV, we wanted to make sure to equip it with good SUV summer tires. These tires differ from SUV winter tires being designed to endure the heat of the summer and occasional rain showers. We decided to go for the sporty Nokian zLine SUV tires.

The Nokian zLine SUV tires are designed to deal with summer weather, which can include everything from very hot days to heavy rain. With the “Aramid Sidewall technology” we will be well protected on rugged roads as the reinforced sidewall technology gives tires an increased protection against impact and cuts. Equipped with strong aramid fibers, the same ones that are used in the aerospace industries, we will feel safer rolling down the freeway. This tire also assures that we get the most out of our SUV as the steering is both quick and responsive allowing ultimate driving pleasure when navigating even at high speeds. We did at one point look into all-season tires but decided to go for a dedicated summer tire.

SUV all season tires like the Nokian Rotiiva HT would have been a possibility. This tire  would for sure provide a quiet and safe ride. It also provides the possibility to handle some light off-road situations, something we might need for our upcoming trip to Yosemite. It also performs well on wet roads reducing the risk of aquaplaning. With its staggered lateral grooves it can handle any weather as it removes water with ease and maintains a good grip on the road, ensuring good handling of the SUV.

So, even though the all-season tires are not a bad option, dedicated summer tires still perform better in the summer. That is because summer tires are specifically designed to deal with warm weather and occasional wet roads. The softer rubber compound in summer tires can handle the heat better and offer more grip in both dry and wet conditions. I didn’t want to sacrifice any steering, braking or handling, so I feel I made the right choice investing in the Nokian zLine SUV tires. I am sure that on our upcoming trip to Yosemite I will not be disappointed.

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