Radial tires for agriculture

Radial tires are often used in farming. Radial tires have the advantage that they have softer sidewalls and provide a more comfortable driving experience. You often want radial flotation tires to ensure that you have a low surface pressure. Low surface pressure is beneficial for the planted fields as compaction of the soil has a negative impact on the yield of crops. Tractors with its tractor tires nowadays also require faster transition driving than before, so the tires have to be able to perform in roads as well as on the fields. They also have to be able to carry heavier loads due to the new heavier equipment. All this is inline with what makes radial tires better.

If you invest in good quality agricultural tires, then you know what you will save money in the long term as you will have lower rolling resistance, which leads to lower fuel costs, the tires will last longer and have less impact on the soil, so that the yield will be higher. The environmental impact will also be lower if the fuel consumption is lower and that the output is higher. For your farm you will want all this and you want to also make sure that you have superior grip so that you can avoid irritating slippage.

If the farm is in areas that will experience winter you will also take that into consideration. You will need to evaluate if you will need all year round tires of specific winter tires. This will depend on how much road driving and potentially snow clearing work you will do during the winter season. Some tires can handle roads very well during the winter with excellent winter grip.

For your safety as you drive on public roads you will need to ensure that you have tires that can handle winter condition. You might actually be left along people who have ended up in the ditch with their cars due to bad weather or bad winter tires and have to use the tractor to pull them out of the ditch. Tractors are great in the winter in clearing snow if you have the correct snowplough or a loader attachment. It can help you clear all your pathways around the farm and also help other clear other people areas against compensation to gain some extra financial income to the farm.

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Make sure to use flotation tires on your tractor for less soil compaction

Today’s farming is very competitive and ensuring high yield will always be important. This why it is important to take all necessary steps to increase the yield and limit everything that can have a negative impact on it. When it comes to drive heavy equipment on the fields can have a negative impact, as the heavy weight will compact the soil and cause less optimal circumstances for the crops to grow. Since it is difficult to farm without heavy equipment nowadays you will need to instead limit the impact of the heavy machines driving all over the field.

The best way to limit the impact is to use flotation tires that are able to minimize the impact by spreading the weight over a larger area. The flotation tires reduces the surface pressure and thus also the soil compaction. So by using flotation tires you can limit the impact of the heavy equipment and reduce the negative impact that these can have on soil compaction as they drive all over the fields. You do however need to use flotation tires not only on the tractors, but flotation tires should be used on all the agricultural equipment that uses tires.

So when you purchase agriculture tires, make sure that they are of flotation type and also that the agricultural trailer tires are also flotation tires. The tractor tires are of course the most important ones and the ones that should be changed first if you are not already using flotation tires, as it tend to be the heaviest equipment used on the farm. Once that is changed, then change the other ones as they wear out.

It is also often important to look for tires that have good on and off road properties, so that you can use them both on the field and off the field without wearing them out too quickly and have still good driving properties. On and off road tires will have a combination of properties that are able to give them better performance for this usage, where they can still be driven on roads at high speeds comfortably without heavy wear and still have low rolling resistance, which provides you with good fuel economy. So both low wear and low fuel usage combined with higher yield is good news for any farming business.

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Road construction during winter

Nowadays winter season is not a reason to stop construction of roads and bridges and the work continue all year round. The snow is easily cleared, but you might have a bit more difficulty in digging due to ground freeze, that can go a far bit down. If needed thaw machines can be used to warm up the topsoil layer to allow for easier excavation. The heavy equipment will however need to rely on proper tires that can handle the cold weather while still providing sufficient grip for the work to continue safely.

You need to take into account the fact of snow removal, so you will need a tractor or a loader that is dedicated for snow removal, so that snow removal will be swift when needed. These might need loader tires for winter use or then tractor tires for winter use. The winter tires will be needed for providing the grip so that the snow removal will be done without tire slippage. If your equipment are not handling snow grip without slipping, you can have significant delays. This is where tire selection becomes very important.

Delays can easily happen during the winter season due to harsh weather conditions, which makes the working almost impossible, If the ground needs to be thawed can also delay. This needs to be taken into account when projecting for the work. Using the right equipment and getting the right tires for your machines will save you money on the overall costs. Make use of the technical tire manual to assess the correct tire options for each machine and ensure that the tires can handle the intended load requirements as well as they are good for winter use.

Allowing the work to continue around the year saves a lot of time for the overall projects. It also means that you are ready to face harsh weather and will not bad weather to stop the work or drastically slow it down. Some very heavy snowfall will probably slow or halt the work temporarily, but that will not continue for ever and with the snow removal capabilities, you can quickly remove the snow and resume the work. So that you can work towards reaching the timelines set for the project, without any costly delays.

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The value that good tires add to your business

Bad tires can almost break a business. Bad tires can increase your costs due to maintenance, downtime, missed timelines and potentially even accidents. Mainly, these are all the things that you work hard to avoid. Tires might look like an easy way to cut some costs, by selecting a cheaper cost tire, as you do need quite many tires and they will wear out over time, when they will need to be replaced. Selecting a lower quality tire, however, means that you will need to replace them more often, which is costly. The rolling resistance is higher, which leads to increased fuel costs. Cheaper tires are also more prone to breakdowns, punctures or even safety issues due to worse driving performance.

If you instead invest in high quality tire, so that you choose premium truck tires or a tractor tires then you will add value to your business by having less downtime, less problems that results in being able to deliver on time and having a more profitable business. Both are good for the reputation of your business. You want to have a good track record when it comes to safety, as your employees will appreciate that and you want to have a good one when it comes to timely deliveries. All these gives you a larger margin and more competitive versus other businesses that struggle with high costs due to inefficiencies and problems.

Adding winter tires for when it is needed will also solve situations where it is mandatory and keep your safety record at a high level. Driving without winter tires will put you at a higher risk of accidents and delays when you face winter weather. The non-studded commercial winter tires are made for being used both in winter conditions as well as on dry and warm tarmac.

Adding on and off road tires might be needed if you work in areas where the off road conditions are such that you might need extra grip due to muddy roads and bit rougher conditions. You might also require extra durability in terms of protection against sharp objects, so that the tires will need to have reinforced sidewalls to protect them from punctures. This will ensure that the trucks that will have these conditions included don’t suffer from costly delays or problems.

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Tire Selection Can Even Impact The Yield In Agriculture

Agriculture is a low margin business, so to carefully monitor the yield and take all the necessary steps to improve it can have major impacts on the profitability. Using the right equipment, the latest technologies and latest innovations when it comes to seed treatments and fertilizers, to ensure that you take the necessary steps for a profitable agriculture business. Your heavy investment equipment should also have a high utilization rate. The good thing with agriculture is that most tasks can be done with a tractor and different types of accessories and trailers.

Wrong agriculture tire selection can impact the compaction of the soil, which can impact the yield from the field. When the soil gets compacted, the grains struggle more to grow and the yield will be lower. You will need to have the right tire selection, tires that do not have a big surface pressure as the move across field. The correct tire selection for trailers here are the so called flotation tires, which are wider and more or less float on top the surface due to the low surface pressure that they exert on the surface.

Just the difference of changing to flotation tires for your agriculture trailer tires and your tractor tires, will probably improve your yield significantly. Make sure that you select high quality ones, that have low rolling resistance so that you can conserve fuel while using the tractor regardless if you drive on the fields or on roads. Lower fuel costs will further contribute to your profitability. High quality tires will also contribute to less downtime and low wear will translate to higher usage, which also save changing times.

Investing in high quality equipment with good tires enables you to get the most out of your business. Less downtime, more productive work hours spent on making the business more profitable. Maintenance is a key part of it, so make sure that you service the equipment including the tires regularly. Ensure that you have the correct tire pressure and the correct tires for the work and for the load, which you are using the equipment for. More information can be found in the technical tire manual.  So it is always advisable to consult that, to ensure that you are following the guidelines, both from safety perspective and from ultimate usage.

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