All-weather tires give you flexibility all year round

The added flexibility gives you good safety without having to have both winter tires and summer tires. This saves you some initial investment costs in two sets of tires and you don’t have to arrange for storage of the extra set when they are not used.

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New innovations in all-season tires

New innovations in all-season tires allow for excellent driving performance even in the summer. It used to be the case that you needed dedicated summer tires to get excellent dry and wet traction on baking hot, slightly damp or wet roads. This is because summer tires are made of a tread compound (the mix of rubber and fillers that make up the tread) containing sticky additives for road grip in wet and dry conditions. They have a tread pattern that is shallower with straighter grooves than basic all season tires, with solid continuous ribs to keep the rubber in contact with the road. This used to be an advantage of summer tires compared to all-season tires; however, with advances in tire technologies, the all-season tires of today make the need for dedicated summer tires obsolete. 

Some of these new innovations have been used in the Nokian eNTYRE all-season tires. This includes new technologies like cooling edges, polished grooves, 3D sipes, silent groove design and a hydroplaning indicator. This allows these tires to have excellent grip, great handling, quiet drive and low rolling resistance – in other words, the same benefits you see in a dedicated summer tire without the need to change tires after the summer season. Summer tires were originally considered the best choice to protect against hydroplaning from unexpected rain showers in the summer; however, with advances in all-season tires like the Nokian eNTYRE’s polished grooves technology, you will be well protected against hydroplaning. These polished grooves and slippery main grooves allow water to flow easily and effectively to reduce the risk of getting involved in accidents due to hydroplaning.

New all-season tires also allow for better handling through a wider temperature range compared to summer tires that get rigid in colder temperatures. The Nokian eNTYRE has 3D lock sipes that stiffen the structure of the tires to reduce heat generation in the tires. This helps withstand the stress of poorer road conditions and improve handling on dry dusty summer roads.

The all-season tires of today offer excellent wet and dry grip with the flexibility of year-round use. New technologies like polished grooves and silent groove design make dedicated summer tires unnecessary. All-season tires offer predictable handling for different conditions as well as hydroplaning protection.

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Should you buy dedicated summer tires for your SUV?

Living in North Dakota and just gone through a treacherous winter, a driver was glad that he had equipped his family’s SUV with SUV studded tires. However now with all snow melted he is ready to change tires and has decided to get dedicated summer tires or more specifically SUV summer tires. Basically, nothing handles better as all-season tires on dry and wet roads.. This is because the summer tires guarantee the best grip on the road and the best protection from hydroplaning. The rubber compound used in summer tires is especially formulated to withstand the high temperatures of the summer months. In North Dakota they experience very hot summers with temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and even the occasional tornado. Even though they have a four-wheel drive vehicle, the composition of the tires is actually what determines your grip on the road.

Summer tires like the Nokian zLine SUV tires are specially designed with aggressive blade grooves to help prevent hydroplaning. In addition, the shoulders of the tires have trumpet grooves (bullet-type indentations) to further prevent hydroplaning by accelerating the flow of water out of the tire via the transverse grooves thereby maximizing grip. There is also a puncture resistant sidewall technology to reinforce the integrity of the tire. This is very useful when driving through rocky terrain. All of this insures a safe ride and there is even a driving safety indicator (DSI) patented by Nokian Tyres that allows the driver to inspect the tires to see when the tread depth is less than 4 millimeters which could indicate a risk for hydroplaning.

The Nokian zLine SUV summer tires can be used from spring to fall but should not be used in winter. In the winter the driver will re install our winter tires to ensure the safest and best-performing tires for the season at hand. This way he will have the best technologies, like the coral Silica tread compound specially made to tackle the summer heat while remaining extremely rigid to maintain reliable and balanced contact with the road even at high speeds and in sharp corners in the summer, while enjoying advancements like snow claws and eco studs in the winter months.

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When Should You Get All-Season Tires?

Are you looking to buy all season tires to be able to keep one tire all year around?. Let’s face it who wants to store a second set of tires in the garage. The advantage of a tire that can be used all year around is obvious but is it safe? This depends somewhat on what kind of driving you will be doing and where you live. This is because an all-season tire is not made for winter conditions. So contrary to the name all season these tires are only good in 3 seasons, those being spring, summer and fall.

Unlike an all-weather tire the all-season tires are not able to handle snow and ice and therefor are not marked with the emblem or mountain snowflake symbol designated for use in severe winter conditions. This is different than an all-weather tire that does actually possess this emblem. This is because the all-weather tire can be considered like a hybrid between an all season tire and a winter tire. The all season tires are only safe in the spring, fall and summer season if you live in an area with winter weather. However if you live in an area like Los Angeles that does not have winters the all season tires are good all year around.

Additionally, an all-season tire like the Nokian eNtyre 2.0 has unique tread pattern that provides excellent wet grip and smooth and quiet ride while remaining an environmentally friendly tire. It also has the silent sidewall technology to insure an noise and vibration free ride. The polished lateral and inside grooves also allows the water to evacuate thereby protecting from hydroplaning. Hydroplaning can also occur when the snow melts and there is slush on the road. 

All-season tires can be used all year round in areas without winter weather or at least not with severe winters. Even though they cannot provide the best-performance in all season compared to dedicated winter and summer tires, they will eliminate the need for a changing of tires in winter and summer. The Nokian eNtyre 2.0 with its innovative design assures ultimate safety and excellent handling both on wet and dry surfaces. This is because of the many new innovations like polished grooves and the silent sidewall technology which minimizes noise and vibration. Living in Los Angeles the Nokian eNtyre 2.0 is an excellent all year around tire that does not compromise on performance while remaining a environmentally friendly tire.

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When Should You Get A Dedicated Summer Tire?

When should you get a dedicated summer tire? This depends on what kind of driving you do and where you live. If you live in an area which experiences very hot summers with occasional summer rain showers it would be well advised to invest in dedicated summer tire. This is because the summer tires are formulated with a softer rubber compound and larger tread blocks to maximize contact with the road in warmer weather. This is why summer tires have better grip in both wet and dry conditions. Summer tires are able to handle wet roads better than winter tires and can be used from spring until fall. As always, it’s important to have a tread depth of at least four millimeters to prevent hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is the reasons for most of the accidents in the summer season so to stay safe make sure you equip your vehicle with good quality summer tires and always check that the tread depth is adequate.

If you live in an area where the summers are really hot like here in Florida, the summer tires allow the best handling on both wet and dry roads. You will have optimal performance so if you have a high performance car you will get the most enjoyment and handling when using dedicated summer tires. Of course, you could get away with using all-season tires however since they are kind of a jack-of-all-trades you won’t get nearly the same driving performance.

Summer tires like the Nokian zLine offer responsive steering and maintain perfect feel of the road under all summer conditions. This is because of many innovations like the multilayer rubber compound, which ensures that the feel of the road remains predictable under all circumstances. It also has low rolling resistance, which translates to lower fuel consumption. This is just some of the advanced features that a dedicated summer tire provides. It also is much more silent then other tires taking advantage of the silent groove design, which prevents noise.

With summer lasting from early spring to late fall here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the investment into a summer tire more than pays off. I also quite enjoy driving and spend lots of time on the road so for me it is important to get the most enjoyment out of the driving with high quality well performing tires.

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When To Buy A Summer Tire?

Having good quality summer tires is just as important as having dedicated winter tires for winter. You need to make sure that you have tires that are designed to deal with the heat of the summer while also providing protection from aquaplaning due to summer rains. Here in Miami, Florida this is definitely the case, real constant heat and humidity with occasional summer showers. It’s important to have a dedicated summer tire if you want to get the most out of your car. We decided to get the Nokian zLline tires. After having shopped around we realized this was the tire for us. 

The Nokian zLine tires are especially designed to deal with the summer heat and even wet roads from rain. They offer a stable, precise and quiet drive by allowing a perfect feel for the road.  The special softer rubber compound used in summer tires allows them to have more grip on the road in both wet and dry conditions. This is an important safety feature as rain is what causes most of the traffic accidents in the summer. The Nokian zLine tires have special “swoop” grooves that improve their grip to help prevent aquaplaning. It also has hydro grooves, which are deep diagonal grooves that stabilize the driving while also clearing water from the driving surface and the tire thereby further protecting against the dangers of aquaplaning. This is something I appreciated as my family’s safety comes first.

I also quite enjoy driving at high speeds and with these tires that are especially formulated with the Nokian Intelligent UHP Silica as tread compound, which allows the steering to be very responsive even at high speeds. This is because this nano silica compound allows to ensure the feel of the road while at the same time the bottom layer of the rubber compound remains rigid to reduce rolling resistance and heat generation. This allows for better fuel economy and less environmentally harmful emissions.

The Nokian zLine summer tire is designed to get the most out of your summer driving .You can rest assured to have optimal handling on both dry and wet surfaces. Nothing other than a summer tire can guarantee the best performance for the summer season. Dedicated summer tires can resist heat and can move through dust, wet surface and layers of mud quite easily. If you live in an area with hot summers the best option is to invest in dedicated summer tires. 

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What To Consider When Buying Summer Tires For A SUV

Our family just purchased a beautiful ranch property in Flagstaff, Arizona. Having accepted a job with a local tour company which gives tours of the Grand Canyon,” Bearizona” Wildlife park, and Antelope Slot Canyon to just mention a few excursions. Arranging day tours and using our family SUV to travel back and forth in sometimes quite rugged terrain I wanted to equip our SUV with some good qualitySUV summer tires. Even though we have a 4-wheel drive vehicle you would imagen that tires aren’t so important as you have access to 4-wheel drive however the composition of the tires is actually what determines your grip on the road. In addition, summer tires are the only tire that guarantees the highest grip level during the hot summer season. They are also better to deal with aquaplaning due to gentle summer showers. We decided upon the Nokian Zline SUV tires.

The Nokian zLine SUV tires have aggressive blade grooves that help prevent aquaplaning and in addition there is the shoulder of the tires that have trumpet grooves (bullet type indentations) to further prevent aquaplaning by accelerating the flow of water out of the tire via the transverse grooves thereby maximizing grip. This along with the Aramid Sidewall technology in these tires which allow puncture resistance with help of the strong aramid fibers incorporated in the sidewall. All of this insures a safe ride and there is even a driving safety indicator (DSI) patented by Nokian Tyres that allows the driver to inspect the tires to see when the tread depth is less than 4 millimeters, which could indicate a risk for aquaplaning.

The Nokian zLine SUV summer tires can be used from spring to fall but should not be used in winter. They are made up of a coral Silica tread compound that is especially made to endure the summer heat and remains extremely rigid to maintain reliable and balanced contact with the road even at high speeds and in sharp corners. Summer tires in general have a shallower tread which lets you “feel” the road and allows for a quiet and comfortable drive. I believe this tire will be well suited for my needs everything from the rugged terrain and the freeway driving that I will be doing.

We will probably invest in dedicated winter tires once winter rolls around as we do experience snow and ice here in Flagstaff.

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Do You Need Dedicated Summer Tires

Living in Phoenix, Arizona with temperatures well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, investing in a good set of summer tires was pretty much mandatory. Keeping in mind that there really is only summer and December in Arizona, and in Phoenix pretty much just summer, this would not be a frivolous investment. I recently bought BMW 3 series and wanted to get the most out of the driving experience with some high quality summer tires. Maybe if I lived in Flagstaff, I would have looked into all season tires.

This summer I want to make sure that I have the best summer tires to hit the road and enjoy a comfortable and safe driving experience. From what I have read, premium summer tires can provide stable handling and logical steering, even in high speeds, providing excellent grip and enjoyable driving feel. That is exactly what I wanted when driving with my brand new BMW.

Having decided to invest in a summer tire I wanted it to be a good quality tire, so I picked the Nokian zLine summer tire. This tire provides the sporty cool performance that I was looking for. The Nokian zLine tire has a multi-layered structure made up of different types of rubber compounds with the top layer consisting of “the Nokian Intelligent UHP Silica “especially formulated to keep the feel of the road even at high speeds. The middle layer consists of a nano silica compound that makes steering more responsive. Finally, the bottom layer has a rigid rubber compound to reduce rolling resistance and heat generation which translates into lower fuel consumption and a longer lasting tire. Didn’t mean to get so technical but I did do my homework before picking these summer tires.

Whatever tire you choose to invest in, it is a good idea to do your homework on the differencies between the different types of tires. It is also important to realize that the place where you live, what road and weather conditions you will be driving on, what type of car you drive and what kind of driving you do all affect your tire choice. Keep in mind that the tire is the only point of contact between the road and your car.

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What To Consider When Buying Summer Tires

This summer we are planning a trip to Disneyland. Living in California we get to enjoy beautiful summers with at times quite high temperatures. With this in mind we are in the market for some good summer tires that will make our drive down highway 1 to Disneyland enjoyable and safe. The hot weather doesn’t just affect the driver but also the car. With the air-conditioning certainly on for the whole trip I am looking to find a tire which can offer some fuel economy. Traditionally summer tires are good for summer only. However living in California where the seasonal changes aren’t so huge, we are able to enjoy these tires all year around. They roll smoothly on dry and wet roads aloike and can resist extreme heat that this season is characterized by. 

When I started looking for summer tires I looked into a tire with premium driving comfort while keeping in mind fuel efficiency. It probably doesn’t seem like a big deal what tire to buy but since this serves as our only tire all year around here in California, I wanted to invest in a premium tire that makes driving more enjoyable and safe. It’s quite nice cruising down Highway 1 in California and with the road being quite curvy it is good to have a tire that has good traction and really grips the road in turns. Summer tires have excellent traction due to their softer rubber. However, because of this, they cannot be used in freezing temperatures as the soft rubber will get hard. This of course in not of concern for us in southern California. However, if you are going to be driving in freezing temperatures you would need to look into a either a dedicated winter tire, all season tires or all-weather tire.

Living in California and with public transportation not being an option, we drive a lot. So why not make the driving enjoyable. Getting good summer tires here in California with good fuel efficiency is an excellent idea. Such tires will last longer, meaning that you will be able to use your investment for a prolonged period. It is also important to remember that the summer tires you will buy may change the dynamics of your car. With my new summer tires mounted on the car I am now looking forward to our trip to Disneyland.

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The Best Way To Keep Your SUV Out Of Accidents

When you are driving with your SUV in tough winter weather, you need tires that can handle varying winter conditions. A tire that is not designed for winter, will not perform well on wintry surfaces, such as snow and ice. If you are using summer tires in winter, the rubber in the summer tires becomes hard and the tire cannot provide you the traction you need when driving on wintry roads.

To drive safely and have full control over your SUV, you need to install high quality SUV winter tires on your car. This can’t be emphasized enough. Still every year when a winter storm arrives, you see several cars in the ditch due to having wrong tires for the particular weather and road conditions. With winter tires you can drive safely whether there is snow, slush or ice on the roads. You will also be able to get your SUV to stop despite slippery roads.

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