For forestry tires, Nokian Tyres will have the best range of tires

For forestry tires, Nokian Tyres have the best and most complete range of tires and they are the global market leader in forestry tires. They have tires for both cut to length and full tree forestry work.

They have a range of tires that can operate with our without tracks and chains, with excellent traction and durability for trouble free service life even in the most rugged conditions.

So regardless if you are looking for skidder tires for your full tree forestry or skidder tires and harvester tires for your cut to length forestry, Nokian Tyres have some of the best tires that you can find.

They have both radial and bias tires for forestry machines, so the choices are plenty and there are enough to ensure that you get the best tires for the machines you have and for the working conditions that you will face.

These tires can handle the harshest conditions and can handle mud, bogs, sharp rocks and even winter conditions, so that you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions.

They are also extremely puncture resistant so that sharp stumps or rocks will not harm them. They also have self cleaning tread so that the traction will be intact despite mud and snow is present.

Deep in the forest is not a place where you want to have problems related to the tires, as they can be very costly and cause long downtime. For high productivity you will need to avoid all problems and have tires that can provide long trouble free service life in all conditions.

Low rolling resistance also gives the tires low fuel consumption and a better environmental impact.

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Use radial tires for CTL forest machines

Nokian Forest Rider is the only radial forest tire on the market, which gives you excellent grip and the most comfortable driving experience. The forest is not known for providing you with good driving comfort due to the bumpy surface and hard stumps, but these tires actually provide you with a smooth drive even at higher speeds. If you need tires that can work in extreme conditions and still provide excellent grip both with and without chains on steep slopes, these will give you very long service life.

Even on snow and ice, these tires provide excellent grip and traction even without tracks and still due to the large contact area the surface pressure is lower. This means that they avoid sinking on soft surfaces and avoid adding stress to the terrain. The tires also have world class puncture protection due to patented sidewall protectors combined with steel belts, so you don’t have to worry about sharp rocks or stumps. This can make the work routine faster as you don’t have to drive slowly. You have the driving comfort and the traction for speeds without slippage, so you can increase productivity.

These radial tires can fit on any same dimension CTL forestry machine, so if you want to upgrade to the only radial tire offered for CTL machines, then go for the Nokian Forest Rider and you can enjoy superior traction, stability with or without tracks.

If you instead need tires for FTL, you might want to go for the Nokian Logger King LS-2, which is not a radial tire, but a logger tire that can handle the harshest condition for the biggest machines. These tires have enough steel in the tires to protect you against anything in the woods. It combines excellent grip with longer service life. These skidder tires have special bead rubber compound to reduce rim slips, to minimize any problems and to make sure that you have long trouble free service life. It can be used with or without tracks and has high groove bottom on the shoulder area, so that it can provide good support for the tracks.

Whatever tire you choose, you will need to make the best tire choice for your machines. Nokian Tyres is currently the global market leader in forestry tires, for tires when you need to get the job done.

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Nokian Logger King LS-2 tires for skidders

The new Nokian Logger King LS-2 skidder tires are excellent even for the heaviest equipment. Skidders are used in full tree forestry to drag the trees through the forest and with the weight of a full tree and combined with the driving conditions in the forest, you will need some of the best forest tires to make sure that the surroundings don’t slow you down. You need excellent grip to ensure that the weather doesn’t impact your productivity in a negative matter.

Bad weather with heavy rain can turn steep hills into slurry of mud, making it almost impossible to drive successfully up the hill, but with the right tires this can be achieved. These logger tires have a new rubber compound to maximize the grip, durability and self-cleaning properties. They are loaded with rubber and steel to make sure that they are very durable and will not puncture or crack easily. Avoiding all unnecessary downtime has big impact on getting the job done on time.

These tires can get you up muddy steep hills even in heavy rains, so that you don’t have to wait for the rain to stop. Regardless if the surfaces are hard or soft and wet or dry, you need to make sure that your equipment can deliver. You should be able to continue working regardless of the weather. This is an amazing improvement versus if you have to wait out the rain and impacting also other people’s jobs, as they have to wait for you to drag the trees to the landing. If your skidder is waiting, as he can’t get up the hill, then you will have some backlog.

The truck that picks up the logs might also need to have proper on and off road tires, so that he can drive safely to the landing. They also need to be able to have good grip on mud and gravel and be cut and crack resistant. The combination to be good on both off and on road requires very good design so that you have a tire with good properties on all surfaces and temperatures. You want to have low rolling resistance so that the fuel consumption is low and that the wear of the tires is held at a minimum. You can even get them for winter conditions. The Nokian R-Truck series will solve all that for you.

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Five reason why choosing Nokian Tyres for your forestry operations

  1. Nokian Tyres is the global market leader within forestry tires and has long traditions of working both with its customers and the equipment manufacturers to develop tires that meets the customers needs for them to overcome their challenges.
  2. A very comprehensive technical tire manual, where you can find all the tire models and the best tires for the different equipment. Here you can find which tire pressure you will need and what is the intended loads. 

So regardless if you are looking for skidder tires or harvester tires, Nokian Tyres will have the best tires on the market to ensure that your forestry business will be a profitable and efficient operation, with minimum downtime or other tire related problems that can slow down your operations and add extra unnecessary costs. Proper tire selection using the technical tire manual is very important starting point.

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Skidder tires for full tree logging

In the markets where full tree logging still dominates, you will need to make sure that you equip your skidder with high quality skidder tires and why not choose tires from the global market leader in forestry tires, Nokian Tyres. Nokian Tyres have 2 tires that are suitable for skidders, they have the Nokian Logger King LS-2 and the Nokian Forest King TRS LS-2. They are both made for the biggest machinery operating in the hardest conditions.

The Logger King LS-2 is designed for long, trouble free service life in heavy skidder use. The tire is built to and offers excellent puncture resistance due to steel breakers. The tread has self-cleaning properties to allow for excellent grip even in wet and muddy conditions. This tire can be used with or without over the tire tracks, which can easily be assembled if needed. The special rubber compound is specially designed for the harsh conditions in the forest with stubs and rocks that can damage the tires.The Nokian Forest King LS-2 offers a steel fortified tire with durable rubber compound specially designed for skidders. This tire is also for the high loads and the tire is very cut and crack resistant. It also offers excellent grip due to the straight tread.

Nokian Tyres also has a range of tires for forest tractors and logger trucks tires. It is advisable to consult the technical tire manual to assure that you select the correct tire for the challenges that you face. The manual allows you to select the correct dimension and ensures that it can handle the load at the various tire pressures.

The Nokian Tyres is a global market leader as it has been working closely with both its customers as well as the equipment manufacturers to develop tires that can overcome the challenges of its customers. It produces some of the most durable tires for the most challenging conditions. This is what you need to avoid problems when you operating on distant sites. You do however need to make sure that you follow the tire guidelines and proper maintenance to avoid unscheduled downtime due to tire related problems. These tires are built to last, so hopefully by choosing the best tires on the market you can avoid problems and associated downtime and enjoy a high productivity forestry operations.

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When forestry is you work area

Forestry can be some challenging work environments. The trees are tall and heavy, they are located within the forest, so remote areas and once they have been felled, they are heavy to deal with. The trees need to be transported to the landing, which is the work area where they will finally be loaded on a logging truck for transportation.

When you fell the trees at full length with a feller buncher harvester, you will drag the trees from the fell area to the landing using a skidder. A skidder will mostly use a cable that is attached to the stem and pulled on the ground. Since the tree is heavy, this puts a lot of pressure on the skidder to have good traction so that it can move through the difficult terrain. Regardless if you drive through mud or wet surfaces you need excellent grip to be able to pull the trees. If the tires can be used with or without tracks, it gives the tires more flexibility.

In addition to purchasing a high quality skidder, you also need to equip it with high quality skidder tires, tires that are designed for the challenging conditions that forestry tires have to cope with. They need to be extremely puncture resistant and designed for long service life without any problems or downtime. Preferably they will have single wire bead construction for easy assembly in remote areas if there would be some problems. If you want some of the toughest tires available, check the technical tire manual to find the specification and to find the appropriate tire for your skidder. Some of the biggest tires for the heaviest machinery can be found here, that are meant to work in the hardest conditions. This is if you want the ultimate tire for professional skidding.

Impact of tire failure is that you might be left stranded in a remote area where a tire repair will be very difficult to manage. Transporting the vehicle back to the landing might even be very challenging; this is why tire maintenance is very important. Try to detect any possible defects before they turn into a tire failure. It is of course not possible to prevent all failures, but if you can at least catch the obvious ones you will save a lot of time and money for your operations.

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Forestry Is Rough Work And Require The Right Equipment

When cutting down trees you have to realize that the trees are massive and they weight is enormous, so this puts a lot of pressure on the equipment that are used to handle the trees. A logging truck can often handle 40 metric tons and needs to make it up close to the areas where the trees grow. After the trees have been felt, they are transported to the landing by a skidder, from where they can be loaded onto a logging truck and transported to a pulp factory or a saw mill.

The loads and pressure that these machinery have to sustain area amazing, if you then include the heavy terrain into this mix as well as occasional winter weathers, you can understand the importance of highly durable tires that can operate in the harshest conditions. When you are in these remote areas, avoiding any downtime is very important as it quickly becomes very expensive. So having tires that are durable and basically indestructible becomes very important.

Skidder tires are in themselves big and heavy and belong to the heavy tire selection. If you decide to use a forwarder or a skidder depends on your operations. A skidder drags one log at a time, while a forwarder can pile up a bunch of logs and then transport them to the landing for the logging truck to transport them further. A skidder is better if the terrain is really bad and also if your landing is close by, then you can easily just drag them to the landing.

The debate between choosing a skidder or a forwarder,  can be very interesting and it is clear that the opinions vary of which equipment is best and what are the best use cases for them. It varies a lot on the different conditions and the terrain that you will work in. What is clear though is that the tires will ensure that you can achieve more from your equipment. Checking technical tire manual will give you good insight for the tire choice between these and also for any other type of heavy machinery. The tire choice is not as difficult as choosing which equipment to buy, so start with a careful decision on that, then make sure that you follow it up with great tires.

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