Buses rely on tires to get safely through the route

Bus routes can be short or long, while they still need to get the passengers to their end destination in a safe manner. They also have to do so regardless of weather conditions, so regardless if the roads are dry, wet or even filled with snow the buses should be able to safely and remain on schedule. The buses depending on if they drive in cities or more regional driving will have some different requirements. The city buses will have more frequent stops, be impacted by curbs and potholes to a higher degree than the regional buses that tend to frequent more motorways and rely on more long haul driving with wear resistance being key instead of impact durability.

Key with bus tires is that they can withstand the high load, have good low rolling resistance, so that you have low wear and good fuel efficiency. Low fuel consumption is good for the environment, as you will have low CO2 emissions. So make sure that you equip your bus fleet with tires that have long trouble free service life, with minimum unscheduled downtime that will impact the bus passengers and add costs to the operations. Check the tire condition so that the tires are free from cuts and cracks, then make sure that the tread depth is good so that you have good safety properties.

You will often different tires for drive and steer, while some tires have been designed to fit wheel on both positions. If you need good winter tires for your bus, as it will drive in areas that will have snow during the winter season the best option might be the Nokian Hakkapeliitta City Bus tires. These tires for example can be used both for steer or drive and have excellent winter grip. These tires are good for the winter and are winter approved and have the 3PMSF-symbol indicating that they have passed the stringent tests that are on winter tires. These will get you safely from stop to stop within cities even on snow and ice filled roads. They reinforced sidewalls to protect from curb or pothole impact to ensure that you will have less tire related problems. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta series is a well know winter tire brand of Nokian Tyres, which actually invented the winter tires for trucks back in 1930-ies.

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Truck tires that keep you going regardless of weather conditions

A truck tire made for Nordic conditions makes sure that no weather will cause you major problems. The Nordics have some really harsh winters with lots of snow and ice combined with low temperatures. These tires are will make sure that you can drive safely even in extreme winter conditions, so that you can deliver your cargo around the world on time. If you are looking for truck tires that can get the job done, then Nokian Tyres is probably the best choice. The Nokian Heavy Tyres range of tires for different equipment within various applications has helped business get the job done.

They have also a wide range of tires for buses and trucks, so if you are in the market for truck and bus tires that can cope with all different weathers, then the inventor of winter tires will have the right tires for your vehicle. Tires that have been approved for winter conditions and have the 3PMSF-symbol on the sidewall ensuring that they have passed the test and the strict requirements for winter tires. When driving in the Nordics during the winter with both trucks and buses, winter tires are mandatory. So if you are delivering cargo or passengers during the winter, you know with Nokian Hakkapeliitta tires the transportation will be safe.

For trucks your customers rely on your service for timely and safe delivery and for buses the passengers put their safety in your hands that you will get to their end destination in a safe and timely matter. It is important that you have tires that have the tread design that can handle snow and ice. They even have tires that can be used for year round use, which allows drivers to have a better flexibility, especially when traveling across countries where the temperatures and the weather can vary a lot. Truck and bus tires that are not made for cold temperatures will most likely become hard and lose their flexibility, which results in decreased grip even without having snow or ice present.

So make sure that you keep your buses and trucks safe regardless of weather conditions, so that regardless of it is short distance driving or long haul, you will do it with durable wear resistant tires that can handle any weather.

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Truck Tires For Winter Use

If you are operating heavy trucks in harsh winter conditions, you will need a tire that can cope with these difficult challenges. The inventor of winter tires have now launched its Nokian Hakkapeliittatires for truck use, their new Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck T is designed for trailer use in extreme weather conditions, it has wide open pattern for good grip on ice, perfect for timber trailers. They also have the tires for the driving axels with their Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck F2.

You have a tire that has been able to build on the success it has had for cars and now translated those learning combined with the durability from Nokian Tyres heavy tire division to create a series of Hakkapeliitta tires for harsh winter conditions, for when you need excellent grip on both ice and snow. Heavy tires of course need to be more durable and have to be able to cope with the high load that the tires will experience due to heave equipment and load weight.

When it comes toHeavy truck tires you will need to be able to drive fast and long distances regardless of what weather conditions that you have. The goods you are transporting needs to get to its destination on time without delays. You can not be impacted if it snows that day or not, therefore having a winter approved tire on your truck, that can handle any surface from dry to wet, from snowy to icy, ensures that weather will not be a delaying factor for delivering your goods to its end destination. The high durability also means that your tires will last a long time and you will be able to cover more mileage before changing. Low rolling resistance ensures that despite the high load, you will not waste money on fuel.

Excellent grip combined with great control makes your truck easy to steer and control as you drive. It thus gives you excellent driving comfort with low noise. This means that you or your drivers easily and comfortably can get safely to its destination. The Hakkapeliitta tires originate from Finland and have the long experience of driving logs from its big forestry industry. The long experience and rigorous testing now brings us some of the world’s best tires for heavy equipment and especially for harsh winter conditions.

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