Heavy truck tires for the long haul

As more goods are being transported by road transport, there is a constant need for heavy truck tires. These long haul tires should have low rolling resistance to ensure that your fleet is operating with good fuel efficiency and low fuel costs. They should also have low wear to allow for long lifetime and long operating hours.

If you choose high quality truck tires, you will get a tire that will give you the low rolling resistance and the long service life. It will also allow for retreading of the tires as long as the carcass is in good condition. A tire can be retreaded 1 to 2 times, depending on the condition of the carcass after each use. Retreaded saves a lot of money from the fleet’s tire budget as well as it is an economical approach, by reusing the carcass before it goes to waste.

Truck tires need to be able to perform in all weather, from dry to wet and in some cases even winter conditions. If you will be driving in winter conditions, then you should get truck tires from the Nokian Tyres range that is the world’s leader of winter tires for trucks and buses. Nokian Tyres has a large range of truck tires, both steering, drive and trailer tires. They have the alpine 3PMSF symbol on the sidewalls that make it legal to drive on the Nordic roads during winter where the regulations makes it mandatory to use winter tires during the winter season.

Driving safety is of key importance regardless of weather and making sure that you get the products delivered on time is important to avoid penalties. Long haul tires provides good grip and stability with tread pattern made for various weathers. It is important to make sure that you have a proper tire maintenance schedule for the fleet to ensure that the tire pressure and condition of the tires are checked. Since low tire pressure is the main reason to tire failures while driving, ensuring that the tires are properly inflated before the long haul is important. In most of the cases the majority of the problems comes from the trailer tires, which gets less attention. The fact that the trailer has dual tires, makes also the checking a bit more time consuming and therefore often neglected, but it will impact your fleets profitability as there are more unscheduled maintenance and downtime due to this.

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Few Steps Towards Improved Tire Economy

Since your truck tires will wear out over time, you will need to replace them as the tread wears out. With often 18-tires per semi-trailer truck, a whole fleet of trucks will have a lot of tires to replacements every year.

Having proper haul tires mounted on your truck and the correct tires for the correct position will reduce wear. There are specific tires for the steer position and for the drive position and then separate tires for the trailer.

Tire pressure is also a factor that can impact tire wear, having under-inflated tires tends to be the biggest contributor of excessive wear on heavy truck tires. Most of the blowouts of tires are attributed to low tire pressure; it is also the biggest reason why trucks get stranded on the side of the road.

Investing in proper high quality tires reduces the wear and will give your fleet more mileage out of the tires and less down- and tire servicing time. Higher quality tires tend to have less rolling resistance, which reduces wear and lowers fuel consumption.

Tire maintenance should still be done regularly to ensure that the tires are in good condition and that the tire pressure is in the correct level. Perform visual inspection, where you look for any damages to the tire and the sidewall. Measuring the tread depth to ensure that it is above the legal limit should also be done.

Retreading of tires is built on the principal that the once the tread is worn out, you can use the intact casing and add new tread to it.

Good quality retreading adds new tread with high safety and performance without jeopardizing stability or grip.

Retreaded tires are a fraction of purchasing new tires and can improve your fleets tire economy significantly.

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Truck Tires For When Need To Handle Extreme Conditions Off Road

There are several instances where you have to drive your truck through some harsh conditions before you start hauling the items on the highways. This can e.g. be in forestry where you need to get to the landing and pass through some rough terrain in getting there or within some mining or earthmoving sites where you need to pass through and over sharp rocks and stones. I addition to this you will need to be prepared for the different weather conditions that avail.

Most tires are optimized for either being used on the road like haul tires or then off-road where you have different requirements. In the similar way the same goes for the weather, either they are designed for winter weather or then summer weather. To find tires that are able to handle this span is not easy and so far I have only found one tire that can handle the whole span beautifully. This is the Nokian R-Truck tire. It is like made for this.

It is approved for winter conditions and has the 3PMSF symbol on the sidewall, which means that it is approved for winter conditions and is able to handle ice, snow and slush safely. However this tire is made for being used all year around, so it handles just as well on hot tarmac roads as when you haul down summer highways. It is designed as perfect haul tires with low heat build up and low tyre wears combined with excellent off road driving properties.

The pattern is wide open to allow it to handle rough terrain where it is very durable and can handle the rough terrain that you will have in forestry and earthmoving work sites. So you will not get stuck in mud or snow and you will not risk your tires getting punctured by debris at the site. So this is your ideal tire that can manage through the whole range of challenging conditions while still handling perfectly as a haul tire. Heavy truck tires that can handle this range of conditions, temperatures and still working as a solid high performance tire will not be easy to find somewhere else. That is when I found this tire I was very happy that now my heavy trucks have less downtime while driving the timber from the landing.

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Truck Tires For The Extra Distance

Heavy trucks are used to transport goods on our roads all across the country. With the globalization we have seen products being produced all over the world and then transported by ship and then by trucks all across the nation. To ensure that the products arrive safely all the way from the container terminals all the way to our stores via logistic centers, you will need trucks to drive them there.

Not only do you need tires for the long haul, but also heavy truck tires that get you to the end destination regardless of weather conditions. You might even need to have winter tires to get to the areas that will be covered in snow and ice. This is when you might need to put winter tires on your truck and its trailer.

Trucks have different set of tires depending on function of the tire. You have front steering tire axle, then you have the drive axle and finish off with the trailer tires, which are the rear tires. If you put on winter tires, you should have winter tires throughout. The winter tires should be approved for winter use and have the three peak mountain snow flake symbol (3PMSF), so check if your truck tires are approved and have the symbol on the sidewall before you drive in winter conditions.

Haul tires that have been especially designed as being for long-haul trucks, to ensure that they can manage the distance. Make sure that select the right tire for the right position based on if it is a steering, driving or trailer position. Tires will give you the grip and stability you need to drive safely. The durability of good haul tires ensures that you will have minimum with downtime. You also have the option to choose an all-weather tire, which allows you to drive safely throughout the year and still have the safety of a winter approved tire for when you end up in winter conditions. This can be a good solution of you end up driving through several weather conditions during one trip, where an overall safety throughout the year is to prefer. Key is always to select the tire that best fists your needs. Since the tires are instrumental in giving you the safety from your truck and for the goods that you delivery, it is good to make the choice wisely.

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