Forestry tires that provide the best conditions for success

Forestry works provide some really tough conditions for the machines that are aimed to operate in there. If you have even been looking for mushrooms or berries in the forest you know that it can be very challenging to just walk through the forest. It is almost impossible to imagine that you could drive through there. The combination of very uneven grounds combined with a slippery surface makes it almost impenetrable.

This is why the equipment that need to work in these conditions have to be very durable and equipped with tires that can provide the grip and stability to get the job done while driving in the forest. When it comes to forestry tires, Nokian Tyres provide some of the worlds best tires for these conditions. Their forestry tires can provide the best foundation for getting the job done, regardless of working or weather conditions. They have to get you through swamps, slippery rocks, steep hills, bushes, felled trees, sharp branches and rocks. Conditions that is not very friendly for the tires. Then you can add bad weather that will include even snow and ice.

When it comes to felling trees and getting them out of the forest, requires that the equipment can get to any place within the forest and that they will have enough stability to perform their work duties. Then they have to be able to get the logs out of the forest to load it on a truck for further transportation by road to either a saw or paper mill.

Depending on the process used you will use a combination of forwarder and harvester to fell the trees and getting them out of the forest or then you have a feller buncher and a skidder. The tires needed on these machines will have some different requirements, but they all need extremely durable tires. Harvester tires and forwarder tires are the most common ones in cut to length forestry, where the tree is felled and cut to required length all by the harvester and is then transported to the landing by the forwarder.

The other method is then by having the feller buncher to fell the tree, which is then dragged to the landing by a skidder. Where the skidder tires have to able to provide sufficient grip to drag a whole tree through the forest to the landing.

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High Yield In Forestry Is Impacted By Proper Maintenance Of The Forest And The Equipment Used

Within forestry it is important to create harvest roads through the forest to ensure ease of harvesting and also thinning. You thin the plantation in order to cut out the less valuable trees, so that the more valuable trees can grow faster and more in volume. The thinning operation will still yield return on your forest, so that you have income both short and long term.

Proper maintenance of the forest as well as the equipment ensures that you will have good yield from your forest. Equipment failure due to poor maintenance can be costly and reduce your yield. Repairs can be costly and downtime means that you are paying for non-productive work. With the equipment you also need to do proper maintenance of the tires as well. The tires are an integral part and will ensure that you can perform the forestry work even in tough conditions. If you have good harvester tires and good forwarder tires, then you can easily maneuver through rough terrain, without having to worry about tire failures that can cause unexpected downtime.

Scheduled equipment and tire maintenance will ensure that you limit any unforeseen downtime and keep the yield at a high level. Make sure to change the tires when they start to wear out, to avoid that the tyres crack or rupture. You will also have better grip with newer tires, so to not slow you down when you drive through the forest, regardless what weather conditions you might encounter. You can easily lose in productivity if you get stuck or the equipment are moving slower due that the tires can’t get sufficient grip and keep slipping.

When you have all the necessary pieces of the puzzle in place, you should be able to run a high yield profitable forestry business. With the forest being a renewable resource, you also need to think of all aspects of the environment. Good tires will have low rolling resistance to keep the fuel consumption and the environmental impact at a minimum, as well as ensuring that the tires that you purchase have been made by purified low aromatic oils, to ensure both a better environmental production process, but also the waste will be of lower impact once the tires have been worn out and needs to be recycled.

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