Nokian Hakkapeliitta Loader-if you need a winter tire for your loader

If you are operating a wheel loader or even a wheel grader and are in need of excellent traction even during winter conditions, then Nokian Hakkapeliitta Loader could be the perfect tire for your earthmoving or road maintenance equipment. If you need to make sure that your equipment can be used all year round without any delay, then you will need to have tires that can handle snow, that is if you live in an area that might have some snow at some point of the year.

Roads still need to be maintained all year round and even there are some ways that make it easier to get some of the roadwork done during the wintertime. Then you have the infrastructure points that need to operate all year round, like harbor ports and airports, which need to have machines that can move around even if you have snow or ice on the ground and then you have to be able to effective clear the areas of snow as it falls. Not all earthmoving tires for loaders will be able to handle the winter conditions and will not be able to provide the necessary grip needed, this will slow down your operation or even making it come to a stand still. Heavy equipment that end up having tires that become hard and lose the majority of its grip will become dangerous as they can easily skid and lose all its control, that can make them dangerous projectiles.

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta Loader is basically a winter tire that can be studded if you need even better grip on icy surfaces. It is made with a special rubber compound and has more rubber in the tread, so that it can create better grip and will also thus last longer for longer service life. The tread also has an open tread design so that they can have good self-cleaning properties to avoid losing traction due to mud getting stuck in the tread.

You will need loader tires that can handle winter conditions and loaders with winter tires can effectively help in any snow clearing operations. So you can effectively use the loader to clear the area for other vehicles, so that the operations can continue without any disruption due to bad weather.

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The more versatile the equipment are, the more pressure it puts on its tires

Depending on where you aim to work, will determine what type of tires that you will need. There are different tires for different work verticals, you will have your earthmoving tires, that will differ from your agricultural tires that will be very different from mining tires. Some will require a much more cut and crack resistant compound and often they will need to be steel fortified as well.

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Check the possibilities you have with new backhoe loader tires

There is a full range of different loader tires for wheeled loaders. Premium backhoe loader tires should be able to get the work done even in rough conditions. As there are new earthmoving tires entering the market continuously, some are developed to satisfy certain uncovered needs in the marketplace. The newly launched Nokian Ground Kare family is one of these, where you even have a semi-slick tire that is specifically designed for railway use.

The Nokian Ground Kare family have currently 2 tread design options, one with full grooves and one that is semi-slick. They are built to provide extremely high load capacity. They provide excellent stability and can absorb swings and shocks, which are crucial when it comes to the digging part. These tires are wide and the tread offers a design that allows for low surface pressure so that the soil compaction is low, while still being able to offer excellent traction to the edges of the tire. The grooves on the edges are basically self-cleaning , due to how these deep grooves are designed.

The Nokian Ground Kare tires are designed for the modern backhoe loaders which is a multi-functional machine that nowadays uses a lot of auxiliary equipment. The machine weight of the modern backhoe loaders have increased over the years, which calls for bigger and more durable tires that can handle the heavy loads. The semi-slick that is designed especially for railway applications on hard surfaces, while the other one is designed for meadow use and is very soft on the grass and will not compact the soil that can damage the grass roots.

The tires works very well on highways for transportation between work sites, so it is a very durable tire that will give you the necessary grip while you work at the site and smooth and economical as you drive between sites. This gives you a very flexible tire for a multi-functional machine that will provide you with the best possible features for these applications. You end up with a very stable tire that is very durable due to its steel belt that help prevent cracks and cuts, to give you a very long operating life with minimum unscheduled downtime. Just make sure that you follow the recommended tire pressure and the necessary tire maintenance steps.For more info regarding Nokian Ground Kare backhoe tires, visit:

Tractor tires will vary depending on the usage

Tractors can be used for multiple applications. In agricultural applications tractor is the main piece of equipment with different trailers and other towed equipment. The main agricultural tires used here are flotation tires, as you want to ensure that the compaction of the soil is minimal, so that yield will remain high.

You also have forest tractors that are used in the forest industry, where the forest tires will need to ensure that you have some heavy sturdy tires for demanding tractor use. These tend to be steel belt reinforced for improved puncture resistance.  Grip, durability and ability to handle the most challenging forest terrain. This is quite different than the properties needed for the agricultural tires.

Then you have the terminal tractors used for material handling at container terminals. Terminal tractor tires need to provide excellent steering response and ability to carry very heavy loads. The terminal tractors need to be able to maneuver in narrow spaces, so predictable handling is important for terminal tractor tires.

Within earthmoving and road maintenance you also have tractors, you will have tractors, which road maintenance and earthmoving tires need to be extremely puncture resistance through a steel fortified structure. You will also need to rely on superior grip.

So the use defines the tires in a higher degree than the equipment on which the tire is used. Tractors can be used in various different applications and based on what conditions and what tasks are at hand will determine what properties that you will need from your tires. It is thus advisable that you check the technical tire manual to properly select the adequate tires for the correct application where you intend to use your equipment. Sometime you might need a more versatile tire, but you still need to ensure that it can handle the loads that you will need to lift or transport. The tires also need to be durable so that they don’t cur or crack under the pressure or that the puncture due to sharp objects that are part of the working conditions.

Durability is of utter importance to ensure that you can avoid any unscheduled downtime due to tire related problems that can add a lot of cost and inefficiencies to your operations. Make sure to invest in tires that can get the job done without problems.

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Excavator work on the beach

Even on tourist beaches there might be need for some excavator work, this would come both when preparing a tourist beach, but also in terms of maintenance after heavy rains. Wheeled excavator perform well even on tricky surfaces as fine beach sand, as it landscapes beaches. The ability to fast move around versus a tracked version improves the efficiency and speed to finish the work. This is one of the advantages with having a more agile equipment.

Heavy thunderstorms can distort famous beaches causing flood holes when overfilled streets are drained down towards the beach until it reaches the sea. This can cause deep drainage holes in the beach. These needs to be filled to ensure that the tourists have a nice flat beach to relax, play and take sun on. This can quite quickly be done with a excavator, digging up sand from one area and then driving it to the hole that needs to be filled.

Restoration and recovery of beaches is a more long term project, but can also be vital for some areas that rely on tourism or then for affluent areas that rely on beaches for expensive properties. When using wheeled excavators on beaches you might need to use flotation tires, that have lower area pressure, but are also less likely to sink down as they tend to more float on the surface with the low surface pressure and wide area. Flotation tires are very popular in agriculture where the lower compaction impact is advantageous for the yield. This has made it one of the preferred agriculture tire on the market. If the sand is not too loose, normal excavator tires can be used.

Most excavators are used in road maintenance or earthmoving applications, where beach work belongs clearly to earthmoving. For road maintenance tires and earthmoving tires, you have a wide range of models to choose from. Using the technical tire manual is a good way to ensure that you find the tire option that best suits the challenges that you will face and for the work that you aim to perform with your equipment. It is always important to choose high quality tires that will deliver high level of service hours and keep any unscheduled downtime to a bare minimum. A proper maintenance process is important to implement if the downtime is a significant part of the overall equipment costs.

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New Truck Tires For Demanding Long Haul

The inventor of winter tires has now come out with a new series of truck tires to add to their existing portfolio of commercial tires. They already have tires in the bus and truck segment, but with the latest addition they further strengthen their portfolio in this area. The new addition is a new range called Nokian R-Truck tires.

Nokian Tyres is a Nordic producer of tires that has already been around for an impressive 120 years. Producing tires for the Nordic climate has given them an edge in tires for extreme conditions that can be utilized in numerous fields. It is almost 720 miles from North to South with a lot of the mining and forestry located in the North and the majority of the population in the south, so transporting heavy goods in harsh climates has been a high priority for ages.

The latest Nokian R-Truck range offers a range of heavy truck tires for on and off-road use for earthmoving and forestry use. Tires tend to be optimized for one condition, as it is very difficult to get a good tire that can handle the complexity you have when you combine two different working conditions from very challenging and complex off-road to the durability of long haul on smooth highways across the country. The Nokian R-Truck tire has managed to do just that.

It is an extremely durable tire for the off-road conditions in earthmoving and forestry with a special rubber compound that is very cut and crack resistant to ensure that you get maximum output from your tires, with minimum downtime. With wide self cleaning grooves that feature stone ejectors are great on the soft and muddy surfaces and even on snow and slush, while exhibiting great grip. Everything you want from your earthmoving tires or your forestry tires.

When you then hit the highway with these tires, you have a tire with low rolling resistance to ensure good fuel economy for the long haul drive. Low heat build up ensures low wear makes this tire a tire to last. The tire is available for all axle positions, steer, drive and trailer. Make sure to use the Nokian R-Truck tire on all axles to ensure good grip and durability all throughout. This is a tire that is built to last and to get the job done in a durable and safe manner.

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Earthmoving Tire Selection

For earthmoving vehicles you have both excavators and loading trucks, there might also be some other vehicles used such as some specific tractors. They all tend to be heavy vehicles with heavy hydraulics to be able to perform the duties at hand. They often work in pairs, with one digging and one transporting what has been dug up.

Earthmoving is basically defined as doing earthwork. So you use an excavator to dig holes, by removing the topsoil and potentially also the lower levels. This is for example common when building roads or laying the foundation for buildings. The earth is after it is removed, then transported via a loading truck to another area using a loader or the excavator.

Even without any extra load, earthmoving vehicles are very heavy. This heavy weight puts a lot of strain on the tires, then in addition you have the heavy loads that they have to lift or transport. This is the reason why you should basically always check the technical manual to ensure that the tires are ok with the load and to check what tire pressure you should have in the tires. Nokian Tyres has long experience of producing heavy tires for all weather conditions and terrains. They have been supplying the country’s forestry industry, agricultural industry as well as all the equipment for road building. Busses, trucks and armored military vehicles tires are also in the range of what Nokian Tyres have been supplying for decades to become one of the world’s best and most trusted tires for heavy vehicles.

When it comes to the tires and the tire selection, you will need to make sure that you select a tire that is durable enough to handle the load and the conditions that you will be working in. You will need to make sure that the tires are the right one for the surface that you aim to work on. Tires tend to do better on harder surfaces than softer surfaces.

Nowadays most people know that if you need high quality tires with exceptional durability, then Nokian Tyres is your best choice. You will be able to get better production life out out of your, with less money spent on down time and tire maintenance. So, when you select your next heavy tires then get your earthmoving tires from the Nokian Tyres supplier closest to you.For more tips regarding earthmoving tires, visit: