Nokian Hakkapeliitta City Bus, the tire to ensure durability and winter grip

Buses will need to have different tires if they are city buses or if they are regional buses, as the requirements will differ a bit. Regional bus tires are more haul tires, while city bus tires are more focused on lower speeds but more side impacts caused by curbs. So you will need to take this into consideration when you select tires for a city bus versus a regional bus. You will need tires that have reinforced sidewalls.

If you operate buses in areas that will have winter conditions during the year, you will have to have commercial tires that are approved for winter conditions. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta City Bus tires are approved and can therefore operate safely regardless of weather conditions and make sure that the bus can keep the timetable regardless of weather conditions. These tires due to its aggressive pattern and its sipes that efficiently help create great grip on snow and ice. It is not enough to have M+S marking indicating grip on mud and snow, as those tires are not approved for winter use. You will need tires that have the 3PMSF symbol on the sidewall of the tires to indicate that they are approved.

The tires also have low rolling resistance due to its even wear patterns so that have low fuel consumption and are thus more environmentally friendly. So even for very demanding city bus use, these tires will provide you with good and reliable trouble free service life even as the tire wears out. The reinforced sidewalls will keep the tires free from damages despite some abuse from the curbs when picking up passengers around the city.

The need for winter-approved tires might be a legal requirement, but even if it isn’t winter tires should always be used for the safety of the passengers to ensure that you stay away from accidents and that you can drive safely. Trying to drive a bus in winter conditions without tires that are approved for winter use, will be dangerous and it will be very difficult to keep the timetable, as it will be difficult to operate the bus in these conditions. This will cause delays and chaos among the passengers that are used to rely on the timetable for effective inner city transport.

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Nokian MPT Agile 2, are the ultimate all terrain military vehicle tire

When it comes to all terrain military tires, then have to be extremely tough to be able to handle the heavy weight of the armored all terrain military vehicles. The combination of heavy loads and very uneven terrain that covers any surface puts a lot of pressure on the tires and makes the tire selection very critical. The Nokian MPT Agile 2 is an off road tire developed in cooperation with the Finnish Defense forces to ensure that the tire can perform in the varying Finnish conditions, that will include swamps, bogs, mud, rocks, snow and ice. If the off road vehicle can handle these conditions then they can handle more or less any harsh conditions.

The Nokian MPT Agile 2 has better grip on soft surfaces, such as mud and snow so that it can effectively transverse these conditions, while still having great on the road properties. This makes these tires very usable for heavy trucks that need to work both on and off road, like all-terrain trucks, heavy rescue vehicles and various heavy defense vehicles.

To ensure that these commercial tires can move just as well in any direction, the tires are designed to handle any direction equally good. They have excellent steering response and can handle high speeds both on and off road, to ensure that these vehicles can move around quickly and that they don’t get stuck and make them immobilized. They can also handle any weather conditions, so that you can operate all year around even during harsh winter conditions.

Having been developed together with the Finnish defense forces means that they have been specially designed to tackle the areas where other tires have problems, to ensure that these tires can handle to various terrains and the heavy loads regardless of weather. The tires can be studded for improved winter performance especially on ice and you can also use chains on these tires to make sure that you have the best performance in deep snow. These tires are also made highly durable to prevent them from punctures and ensuring a long trouble free service life. With tread depth indicators makes it easy to monitor when it is time to change the tires due to the fact when they are close to being worn out. The tire inflation pressure also needs to be checked regularly.

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Nokian Armor Gard MINE for your underground equipment

When working in underground mines and doing tunneling work, you will face really harsh conditions and your tires will be heavily abused by the surroundings. This of course calls for some of the most durable mining tires that can be produced. Being deep in the mines is not a place where you want to have tire failures that is why it is so important to select good quality mining tires that can handle the conditions with long trouble free service life.

The Nokian Armor Gard MINE are specially designed mining tires for performing in the conditions that are present in the mines. These tires are stable commercial tires for mining machines; predominantly drill rigs and other mining machines. The compound used is cut and crack resistant, to ensure that the sharp rocks don’t cut and damage the tires. Deep in the mines is not a place where you want to have tire problems.

In the mines due to its limited space to maneuver, you want to make sure that your tires have precise handling so that you can maneuver with precise steering and stability. Without precise steering in narrow tunnels, the machines will have problems and will not be able to maneuver with the same speed and efficiency. The cut and crack resistant compound ensure that despite the sharp rocks and the constant bruising of the tires will not damage them nor will they crack under the heavy loads that are put on them. Proper tire selection will ensure that you limit or eliminate any problems related to the tires.

The Nokian Armor Gard MINE will give you the steering precision and stability that you want from a tire combined with the durability so that you have a long and trouble free service life, with low fuel consumption. You should check the technical tire manual to ensure that you have the right dimensions for your machines and that you the tires can handle the loads that you are working with. Check also for the tire pressure. In addition to ensuring that you have the correct tire inflation pressure and that you check the pressure on a regular basis, you also need to check the tread wear, so that you know when you need to change the tires as the tread has worn out.

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Trucks need to be able to drive regardless of weather

If your fleet covers territories that will have winter weather during the year, it is wise to ensure that at least some of your trucks have been fitted with winter approved commercial tires. There are all-weather tires or then full-fledged winter tires that can be used. As it is not as easy to change tires on a large truck than it is with a car, operators often prefer to have tires that can operate for all weather conditions.

Some countries that your fleet might end up visiting could require the use of winter tires and when it comes to winter approvals, it is not enough with a M+S marking, but they do need to have the 3-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol on the tire’s sidewall. If it is mandatory you don’t only have to fulfill the safety requirements but also the legal requirements. Even if there are no legislations for winter tires, one should always strive for the safest option during winter conditions. This requires that you will need to use winter tires to ensure that you can drive safely and without any delays or accidents.

Accidents due to weather can often be avoided by having better tires. Accidents will cause delays, possible injuries and damages to the products carried and damages to the truck and trailer. This will further cause delays, possible damage to the reputation of the business and should be avoided. You avoid it by getting truck tires that can handle the conditions. If you are driving the long distance you also need proper long haul tires, that will not wear out too quickly and will have low rolling resistance to minimize the wear and also the fuel consumption.

If you get your fleet perfectly streamlined with the right tires for the right conditions, then you should be able to reduce your overall tire costs. You should have less downtime; fewer tire changes, less problems and less downtime. This is where the real impact starts becoming visible and since good quality tires also lead to lower fuel consumption, which can have a further impact to improving the business. It is however clear that a wrong selection can be very expensive and cause even severe consequences and the optimal selection can be very profitable and lower your overall costs.

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Ability to impact your business bottom line with correct tire selection

Tires can impact your business in several ways. They are on your equipment to ensure that the job can actually get done. They are there to ensure that the machines are able to operate in challenging environments and have sufficient grip not to slow you down. In addition to that, they should provide the safety, to keep you safely on the surface, keep you out of accidents and ensure that the tires don’t explode. Then finally they should make sure that your operation runs smoothly without any major interruptions due to tire related problems, breakdowns, delays or other problems that can cause delays or add costs. This puts a lot of importance on the tires in terms of reliability, durability and safety and the ability to provide low cost of ownership, so that a lot of money isn’t spend on replacement, repairs or wasted on downtime.

If your operation is struggling, it might be worth looking over if the tires are causing you problems and account for a high share of the costs or if downtime is a big part of your problems. High quality commercial tires will be the starting point for reducing your problems, secondly you will need to ensure that you have the correct tire selection for the challenges that you face during the projects, what are the desired features you need. You be best of to carefully study the choices that can be found in the technical tire manual, to ensure that you have matched the right tire for the equipment that you have and the work environment.

So the question if it is mining tires, forest tires or agricultural tires, it is not relevant, as they all require as much attention to the selection process and the wrong selection can become costly for all the industries, albeit sometime more for certain industries. The more challenging it is to care for problems, the more costly it will be. Mining and forestry tires are more challenging to repair deep in mines or deep in the forest that it is to attend to a farming tractor tire, so this needs to be taken into account when making the selection.  However a farming tire that compacts the soil and reduces the yield, can be disastrous to the profitability of a farm.

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The need for truck winter tires

When it comes to commercial tires for trucks, you might need to consider winter tires. The same as for cars, trucks will need winter tires to safely drive in winter conditions such as snow. So if you are driving through areas that could have snow and you want to make sure that the delivery will get there safely and on time. There might even be legal requirements dictating the use of winter tires if you have winter weather. Some tires are approved for winter use, but are made for all year round driving. This can be good if you drive only occasionally through areas that might include snow.

For the safety of the drivers and limiting the problems with the trucks, winter tires are preferred as they can provide the grip and control that you need when driving on snow and ice. Winter tires are better at providing grip even as the temperatures drop below freezing. When you are driving during the winter season, you actually don’t even need snow for the winter tires to be valuable.

Truck tires that have been approved for winter conditions will have the so-called 3PMSF (3-peak mountain snowflake) symbol on the sidewall of the tire. You have tires that are optimized just for winter conditions and should only be used during the winter season and then changed to summer tires for the time period where winter tires are no longer needed. This will provide you with the best performance and safety throughout the year. It may however not be the most convenient option depending on how your operations operates in terms of areas. It might be more convenient to go for an all-weather tire that can manage the full range of weather and don’t require seasonal changes.

If you add in both on and off road properties, you will need off road tires that are good also on the road. Off-road you might in addition to excellent grip, some very cut and crack resistant tires. This will make sure that sharp rocks or debris on rough surfaces does not damage them. They also need to have wide grooves to enable self-cleaning properties when you face mud, sand and even snow. You need to combine this with high driving comfort and low rolling resistance for good mileage and low wear.

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Get the job done regardless of the conditions

This is the challenge that faces us often, how to make sure those external conditions doesn’t slow you down and impact the productivity of your operations. Some businesses are more critical when it comes to delays than other, but for productivity delays are never good. It will delay the project or decrease productivity and you might also be subject to fines. For delivery trucks, where people are dependent on the cargo or in building projects where a whole project can be delayed due to inability to perform if your equipment isn’t up to delivering results regardless of weather conditions or terrain.

Depending on the areas of the sites you work or the areas you drive you will experience different types of challenges and you will need to make sure that both your machines are up for the task and that you have tires that can get the job done regardless of the conditions. This is not an easy equation and proper selection is needed. Proper commercial tires can often be the difference between projects finishing on time or goods being delivered to its end destination in a timely matter.

In job site it is often down to grip and durability, to make sure that the tires can provide you with problem free service life with minimum downtime and unscheduled maintenance. For trucks, they need to have the correct truck tires that can work even in winter conditions if they need to. You might also be in the need for off road tires for your truck that can handle some the roughness of off road driving, while still have low wear and high driving comfort while driving on roads. This is not an easy combination, but since there is a need for it, you know it has been developed.

Your earthmoving equipment will need to have loader tires and excavator tires that can handle snow if necessary while still providing the grip and control that you need on the job site. Waiting until the snow melts is not an option and having bad grip with massive slipping, can make the work site unsafe and slow down the work rate substantially. They also have to still be cut and crack resistant so that you can avoid ending up with punctures and other tire problems.

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Importance Of Snow Clearing At Work Sites

If you want to improve the efficiency of any work site during wintertime, efficient snow clearing is essential. You often need a loader for snow removal to get rid of big masses of snow for effective clearing. There are winter tires made for loaders for this specific purpose to ensure that they can work effectively in snowy and icy conditions with good grip and control. These snow removal tires will effectively be able to give any loader the performance for quickly manage effective snow removal that is needed on those occasions when you have heavy snowfall.

Same way as airports need to be cleared of snow quickly to ensure minimal disruption of its normal traffic, the better it can operate regardless of any winter conditions. Delays and cancellation in the air traffic can be expensive for the airport and for the airline. It also causes big problem for people who will need to travel or people going on vacation. A properly equipped airport should be able to quickly and effectively clear the snow to be able to run the airport even through heavy snow and bad weather.

Also ports need to be cleared, to ensure that all the equipment on the ground can effectively handle all the containers arriving by ship and reloading them onto truck chassis. A terminal tractor will have difficulty to manage if the areas have not been cleared properly as the terminal tractor tires are not going to have enough traction to be able to move the containers. Massive delays here will not be cheap and should be avoided.

The haul trucks can use commercial tires during the winter season, so they will be able to safely drive on the winter roads. Winter roads also however need to be cleared from massive snow during winter season.

In the same way that public transport needs to be kept clear of snow so that they can function, the same way work sites need to be cleared of snow, if the business wants to be running during the winter season and maximum utilization. For effective clearing of the snow, your snow clearing vehicles need to have the proper tires to do the job effectively. The quicker the snow can be cleared and removed the faster the business can run effectively again.

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