Maintain Summer Tires

Summer tires are without a doubt the best tires to buy if you want our vehicle to provide excellent performance on the road in warm weather. These tires have an adequate life expectancy and feature quality construction that is thoroughly tested. However, for you to get most of the summer tires, you need to maintain them properly. Do not assume that you can use the summer tires on your vehicle without taking them for regular servicing and expect them to keep a high level of performance.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Between Studded And Non-Studded Winter Tires

When you start looking for the right winter tires to buy, one of the things you will need to do is choose between studded tires and non-studded tires. While both of these tires are built with the winter season in mind, they have a few differences. Do not make the mistake of walking into a tire shop and buying the first winter tire you come across without first understanding how it is supposed to be used and where it is supposed to be used. Continue reading “Things to Consider When Choosing Between Studded And Non-Studded Winter Tires”

Why You Should Buy All-Season Tires for Your SUV?

If you drive an SUV, making sure that you have the right type of tires is very important. There are different types of tires on the market to choose from. When you go shopping for them, you need to make sure that you understand which ones are right for your SUV. Some vehicles come with all-season tires, but you can opt for other types if you don’t find the all-season ones to be right for you. If you come from a place that experiences moderate temperatures throughout the year, it is less likely that you will have an issue with the all-season tires. Continue reading “Why You Should Buy All-Season Tires for Your SUV?”

Considerations to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Summer Tires

When searching for the best summer tires for your vehicle, there are various things you need to keep in mind. Among these things include the age, size, safety, as well as speed rating of the tire. Do not just walk into a tire shop and pay for the summer tires without being too sure of what you are getting. You need to have at least an idea of what you are looking for. The internet can be a great resource for finding information on summer tires. You can also get information on these tires from tire experts at tire shops. Continue reading “Considerations to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Summer Tires”

Things To Check When Buying Studded Tires for Your SUV

Studded tires are the right type of tires to use on your SUV during the cold winter season when the roads are covered with ice. Summer and all-season tires will not provide any promising performance on the icy roads. You will be putting your life at risk if you insist on using these tires during winter. Since they are not made with specific features meant for the wintry roads, you can easily hit other vehicles on the road or even pedestrians. Even if your driving skills are great, you will still have a hard time driving with the summer and all-season tires on the wintry roads. Continue reading “Things To Check When Buying Studded Tires for Your SUV”

What are Non-Studded Tires?

In recent years, non-studded snow tires have become the preferred snow tire for many winter drivers. Instead of relying on metal protrusions in the tread, new non-studded winter tires lean on advances in rubber compounding, tread designs, and other unique technologies. If you live in a country that has extreme winter, it is best to invest and store winter tires right of when the summer season will end. Non-studded winter tires have deeper tread depths than summer or all-season tires. Deep tread depths allow the tire to manage snow and slush dispersion from under the tire. It also allows the tire to provide better or snow-on-snow traction by packing it within the tread blocks. Continue reading “What are Non-Studded Tires?”

Tips for Using All-Weather Tires on SUVs

If you come from a place that experiences all kinds of weather throughout the year, then investing in quality of all-weather tires should be your top-priority. The best tires for such an area are without doubt all-weather tires. As the name implies, all-weather tires eliminate the need for changing your tires even throughout the year – although it depends on the severity of the weather. Continue reading “Tips for Using All-Weather Tires on SUVs”

Risks of Using Summer Tires in Winter

It is unavoidable to buy summer tires if you come from a place that experiences scorching hot summer season. Unless you do not plan on using your vehicle during the warm season, you must have summer tires to continue driving comfortably and safely on the road. While all season tires are suitable for spring, summer, and fall, it cannot deliver the same level of performance that dedicated summer tires can provide. Continue reading “Risks of Using Summer Tires in Winter”

Questions to Ask When Buying Winter Tires

Winter tires may not seem necessary to you until you skid into a busy intersection for the first during the cold season. It can be a terrifying experience especially if your vehicle has summer tires installed on it. Most cars usually come with all season tires when you purchase them for the first time. Even though these tires are marketed as suitable tires for all four seasons of the year, they do not offer the same traction and braking power as winter tires during the cold season. Continue reading “Questions to Ask When Buying Winter Tires”

Your Guide To Buying The Best Winter Tires

Driving on snowy and icy winter roads can be an easy thing if you have the right tires on your vehicle. If you are one of those drivers who doubt the efficacy of winter tires, you need to cast your doubts aside and buy them especially if you come from a place that experiences harsh winter weather. These tires are not an unnecessary expense as some people think. They might be the difference between a safe and comfortable ride and a risky drive that could put your life in danger when you are driving your vehicle on wintry roads. Continue reading “Your Guide To Buying The Best Winter Tires”