Drive Safely During The Winter Period

In North America there is not much regulations regarding the use of winter tires, which is a bit strange, as their safety is undisputed during winter conditions. In many European countries there are quite strict regulations for winter tire use.

If you don’t have tires designed for winter use and you have extreme winter weather, you should definitely avoid driving because low temperatures will turn your tires hard and you will loose the traction that you would expect from your tires. To stay safe on the snowy, slushy and icy roads during winter you need to make sure that you put proper tires on your car. You wouldn’t imagine going out with summer shoes when it is snowing. So make sure you don’t drive with summer tires.

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Car Dependency

If you are highly dependent on your car for everyday use and you live in an area that also experiences severe winter, then you need to make sure that you change early from your summer tires to dedicated winter tires or that you choose to go for a winter approved All Weather tires.

It is not safe to drive with your car if the weather changes into extreme winter weather and you have the wrong tires for this weather on your car. It can be even dangerous to try to drive in these harsh conditions with other tires than dedicated winter tires. In these cases you should leave your car behind and consider using alternative transportation. So, if you are really dependent on your car, make sure you don’t end up in situations like this.

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The Best Tire For Winter

If you live in an area that has harsh winter weather, you will need a tire that has been approved for winter driving. These will include your range of winter tires, both studded and non-studded winter tires as well as some All Weather tires. During the winter, you will need the maximum performance you can get from your tires. A winter tire has been designed to stay soft and flexible even at low temperatures as well as to provide you with the necessary traction to be able to drive safely through snow and ice.

A high quality tire should also provide you good driving comfort and low rolling resistance, so that you don’t waste unnecessary money on gas. In addition, you need to make sure that you check the air pressure in the tires, as low tire pressure can increase the rolling resistance and wear of the tire. The tire pressure decreases with decreasing temperatures, so check it regularly.

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Why Is It So Difficult To Drive In Winter Conditions?

Winter is definitely the season when it is most difficult to drive, especially if you live in the north, where winters can be harsh and extreme. What makes it difficult to drive is the big changes in the weather. You have warm summer weather with smooth asphalt roads and good visibility due bright and light days.

When you get into winter, you have the complete opposite. The days are shorter and you have a longer part of the day that is dark, with more limited visibility. The road conditions can be covered with dark ice, where there is an ice layer formed on top of a dry road, which can be very devious, to heavy snow filled roads. You can also have slush and melting snow is melting.

To handle the challenging conditions that you will face during the winter, you need special dedicated tires. You need tires that are officially approved for and tested during these conditions. Choosing a studded tires or a non-studded tire aka studless tire, will make sure that you can drive safely, regardless of what winter weather that you will face.

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Suvs Need Winter Tires Too!

SUVs are great for driving both off-road and in city traffic. You just need to equip your SUV with a set of appropriate quality tires. If you plan to drive off-road, you need to invest in tires that are designed for off-road use. Off-road tires will be more rugged and more durable. Good quality off-road tires may have Aramid-reinforced sidewalls to protect the sidewalls from sharp stones and other objects that can puncture your vehicle.

For winter use, you need a good set of SUV winter tires, either SUV studded tires, or SUV non-studded tires. When you have these mounted on your SUV, winter driving will be easy and safe. Winter tires have the right rubber compound that is soft during the winter temperatures, in comparison with the summer tires that will become hard and inflexible during cold winter temperatures. So, always remember to fit your SUV with appropriate tires designed for particular weather conditions for it to live up to those expectations.

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SUV Snow Tires Are Necessary As The Temperature Drops

Some people who own SUVs are perhaps not aware that the tires they have on their vehicle are not officially approved for winter use and that’s why they are almost useless during winter temperatures. Your SUV is a big and heavy vehicle and you don’t want to lose control of it and just slide down a street, with no possibility to steer it. That can happen if you end up on icy roads without real winter tires. A wet road can turn into ice as the temperature drops.

So don’t be fooled that your SUV can handle any conditions. During harsh winter weather conditions you will need dedicated winter tires that are designed for cold temperatures. Choose either a SUV studded tires or a SUV non-studded tire to battle the winter conditions. Without them you are going to jeopardize the safety of yourself, other passengers in your car and other road users.

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You Don’t Need Snow To Use Snow Tires

Most people wait for the winter to come before changing to winter tires. They are not aware of the fact that the tires they currently have on their vehicle, may underperform if they are used in different weather conditions that they are designed for. If the rubber compound of a tire is not designed for winter temperatures, it will become harder and harder as the temperature drops. A hard tire will not be able to conform to the surface and create the necessary traction needed to move the vehicle forward and being able to make it stop.

Don’t wait for the snow to arrive, change to snow tires as soon as the temperatures drop close to zero celsius. This will ensure that you can drive safely and be ready for the snow when it finally arrives. Avoiding accidents is a lot about being cautious and being prepared, driving cautiously and adapting the speed to the circumstances, like weather and visibility. During the cold and dark winter nights, it is important that you leave enough distance so that you can get your car to a full stop without an accident.

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Don’t Let Your Driving Scare Others During Halloween

Halloween is a joyful holiday albeit a bit scary. People will dress up in scary costumes all in good spirit. Kids will knock on doors asking for candy, so you have a lot of people walking in the evening. Halloween is at the end of November, when the weather can already be wintry. Winter weather combined with darkness can be a tricky combination.

Failure to fit your vehicle with proper winter tires can turn you into a danger for people walking on the streets. If you hit icy patches on the street, it can be easy to loose control over your vehicle. The only cure is to make sure that before heading to the road in freezing temperatures, you make sure that you have winter approved tire on your vehicle. Winter tires are the only proper tires for harsh winter conditions. They are designed for the challenges that you will face, such as snow, ice and slush. Do yourself and the other people who walk the streets a favor by changing to winter tires in time.

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How A Winter Tire Will Get You Home Safely

If you are driving in winter conditions, no other tire than a winter-approved tire is safe enough to drive on, so you shouldn’t even consider driving home or to your destination without them if your area has already been hit by such conditions. If you have snow, ice or slush, then winter tires are the right choice for bringing you home safely.

A winter tire is designed for winter conditions. A winter tire has been tested rigorously to ensure that it can perform diligently during these conditions. It will have good traction regardless of what wintery surface you are driving on. It can be dry or wet asphalt, it can be snow or slush and even ice; the winter tire can perform safely during all these conditions. It can handle very low temperatures, where the summer tires can’t perform. Basically the only conditions where the winter tire will perform badly, is in warm conditions. Thus it is important that once the winter has ended that you change back to summer tires to ensure high performance and safety throughout the year.

The ability to be able to have full control over your vehicle and not risk losing control is crucial for safe winter driving. A vehicle with good winter tires ensures that you have excellent traction during winter conditions. Key for the winter season is that you still respect the forces of nature and drive safely, change your tires early enough before the weather changes and that you buy good quality winter tires.

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Snow Tires On Before Snow Falls

If you live in an area where you expect to have a real winter, there are probably regulations in place that stipulate that you have to have winter tires mounted on your car between certain dates.

Winter tires are often referred to as snow tires, and they are necessary for you to be able to drive safely during the winter season. So make sure to change tires early enough so that you are safe from the first day that winter arrives.

You have the option between studded tires and non-studded tires, both are good for winter conditions, but the studded are better for icy conditions.

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