Ways To Improve Your Safety During Winter

When the weather shifts from warm weather to cold freezing weather, you will need to prepare in order to manage in these conditions. To stay safe during winter, you need to be prepared. It starts with making sure that you have good quality mounted winter tires on your car prior to when the cold weather arrives, so you can continue driving safely. Good tires are key to safe driving.

You should also prepare you car in terms of items to bring with you. To stay safe if anything happens, you should bring certain items with you. These include both items for you and for the car, like ice scraper, snowbrush, shovel and some sand. Also a power bank to charge your phone is good, so that you can keep in contact with rescue people. Also clothes that keep you warm, such as winter hat, snow boots, gloves are key things to bring with you.

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Safe Driving During Winter Conditions

If you need to drive during harsh winter conditions, make sure that you have tires that are designed for winter driving. A set of winter tires is the way to go. If you have installed them on your car and they are in good condition, you can enjoy piece of mind on the road.

Make sure that before you head out, you remove any ice from the windows and side mirrors and brush off any snow that might be covering the car, as this can otherwise start blowing around and impair your vision. Keep your distance to the cars around you, as the braking distance is longer during winter conditions, and adjust your speed accordingly. The tires need to gain traction when you accelerate, so push lightly on the gas pedal. With good quality tires that are in good condition you should be in good hands while you drive.

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Drive Safely During The Winter Period

In North America there is not much regulations regarding the use of winter tires, which is a bit strange, as their safety is undisputed during winter conditions. In many European countries there are quite strict regulations for winter tire use.

If you don’t have tires designed for winter use and you have extreme winter weather, you should definitely avoid driving because low temperatures will turn your tires hard and you will loose the traction that you would expect from your tires. To stay safe on the snowy, slushy and icy roads during winter you need to make sure that you put proper tires on your car. You wouldn’t imagine going out with summer shoes when it is snowing. So make sure you don’t drive with summer tires.

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The Best Tire For Winter

If you live in an area that has harsh winter weather, you will need a tire that has been approved for winter driving. These will include your range of winter tires, both studded and non-studded winter tires as well as some All Weather tires. During the winter, you will need the maximum performance you can get from your tires. A winter tire has been designed to stay soft and flexible even at low temperatures as well as to provide you with the necessary traction to be able to drive safely through snow and ice.

A high quality tire should also provide you good driving comfort and low rolling resistance, so that you don’t waste unnecessary money on gas. In addition, you need to make sure that you check the air pressure in the tires, as low tire pressure can increase the rolling resistance and wear of the tire. The tire pressure decreases with decreasing temperatures, so check it regularly.

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Don’t Let Your Driving Scare Others During Halloween

Halloween is a joyful holiday albeit a bit scary. People will dress up in scary costumes all in good spirit. Kids will knock on doors asking for candy, so you have a lot of people walking in the evening. Halloween is at the end of November, when the weather can already be wintry. Winter weather combined with darkness can be a tricky combination.

Failure to fit your vehicle with proper winter tires can turn you into a danger for people walking on the streets. If you hit icy patches on the street, it can be easy to loose control over your vehicle. The only cure is to make sure that before heading to the road in freezing temperatures, you make sure that you have winter approved tire on your vehicle. Winter tires are the only proper tires for harsh winter conditions. They are designed for the challenges that you will face, such as snow, ice and slush. Do yourself and the other people who walk the streets a favor by changing to winter tires in time.

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Check Your Tread Depth End Of Summer

 If you have not checked the tread depth of your tires, end of summer can be a good time to do so, especially if you plan to shift to winter tires. This way you will know if you need to buy a new set of summer tyres for next year. A lot of tire shops will have discounts on summer tires at end of summer or during the winter season, so buying early can save you money. Also it saves you the problem of having to try to find tires at the same time as everyone else is buying summer tires.

Checking the tread depth is easy and quick. The easiest way is to use a coin and push it into the tread and measure on the coin the depth. You should be above 5/32 inches for safe driving.

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Plan For Winter


I think everyone that live in a place where winters come every year, should plan for the arrival of winter. When it comes to your vehicle, then you should also start planning on changing to winter tires. It doesn’t matter if you have a truck or a SUV, you will need an approved winter tyre from the first snow for these as well. As it is not safe to drive any distance with tires that haven’t been approved for winter conditions.

In order not to be taken by surprise by the winter weather, make sure that you plan your tyre change. Also make sure that you have a kit in the car in case you end up in a bad situation. This would include an ice scraper, a broom, a shovel and some appropriate clothes for winter, including extra gloves, winter hat and a warm jacket. Some sand can also be good in case you get stuck somewhere. Also a power bank can be good in case you go a on a longer trip. Being able to call for help can be invaluable.

Always try to change to winter tires a few weeks before you believe the winter will arrive. If the snow arrives before you have made the change, avoid using your vehicle until the snow has melted away.

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