Why Is It So Difficult To Drive In Winter Conditions?

Winter is definitely the season when it is most difficult to drive, especially if you live in the north, where winters can be harsh and extreme. What makes it difficult to drive is the big changes in the weather. You have warm summer weather with smooth asphalt roads and good visibility due bright and light days.

When you get into winter, you have the complete opposite. The days are shorter and you have a longer part of the day that is dark, with more limited visibility. The road conditions can be covered with dark ice, where there is an ice layer formed on top of a dry road, which can be very devious, to heavy snow filled roads. You can also have slush and melting snow is melting.

To handle the challenging conditions that you will face during the winter, you need special dedicated tires. You need tires that are officially approved for and tested during these conditions. Choosing a studded tires or a non-studded tire aka studless tire, will make sure that you can drive safely, regardless of what winter weather that you will face.

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Suvs Need Winter Tires Too!

SUVs are great for driving both off-road and in city traffic. You just need to equip your SUV with a set of appropriate quality tires. If you plan to drive off-road, you need to invest in tires that are designed for off-road use. Off-road tires will be more rugged and more durable. Good quality off-road tires may have Aramid-reinforced sidewalls to protect the sidewalls from sharp stones and other objects that can puncture your vehicle.

For winter use, you need a good set of SUV winter tires, either SUV studded tires, or SUV non-studded tires. When you have these mounted on your SUV, winter driving will be easy and safe. Winter tires have the right rubber compound that is soft during the winter temperatures, in comparison with the summer tires that will become hard and inflexible during cold winter temperatures. So, always remember to fit your SUV with appropriate tires designed for particular weather conditions for it to live up to those expectations.

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Things To Check When Buying Studded Tires for Your SUV

Studded tires are the right type of tires to use on your SUV during the cold winter season when the roads are covered with ice. Summer and all-season tires will not provide any promising performance on the icy roads. You will be putting your life at risk if you insist on using these tires during winter. Since they are not made with specific features meant for the wintry roads, you can easily hit other vehicles on the road or even pedestrians. Even if your driving skills are great, you will still have a hard time driving with the summer and all-season tires on the wintry roads. Continue reading “Things To Check When Buying Studded Tires for Your SUV”

Important Things To Do When Before Buying Studded Tires For Your SUV

for them on the market hoping that they will cost you a certain amount of money and end up surprised. You need to research what suv studded tires cost in the shops near you and make a choice where to purchase them from. For a single tire, you may need to have approximately $120, but this will vary depending on where you come from. Continue reading “Important Things To Do When Before Buying Studded Tires For Your SUV”