Things to Consider When Choosing Between Studded And Non-Studded Winter Tires

When you start looking for the right winter tires to buy, one of the things you will need to do is choose between studded tires and non-studded tires. While both of these tires are built with the winter season in mind, they have a few differences. Do not make the mistake of walking into a tire shop and buying the first winter tire you come across without first understanding how it is supposed to be used and where it is supposed to be used. Continue reading “Things to Consider When Choosing Between Studded And Non-Studded Winter Tires”

What are Non-Studded Tires?

In recent years, non-studded snow tires have become the preferred snow tire for many winter drivers. Instead of relying on metal protrusions in the tread, new non-studded winter tires lean on advances in rubber compounding, tread designs, and other unique technologies. If you live in a country that has extreme winter, it is best to invest and store winter tires right of when the summer season will end. Non-studded winter tires have deeper tread depths than summer or all-season tires. Deep tread depths allow the tire to manage snow and slush dispersion from under the tire. It also allows the tire to provide better or snow-on-snow traction by packing it within the tread blocks. Continue reading “What are Non-Studded Tires?”