The advantages of non-studded tires

non-studded tires

What are the advantages of non-studded tires? There have been many advances in non-studded tires that make the need for studded tires less vital. Even though studded tires give the ultimate in traction on ice, in many areas there are actually not that many days in the year that require studs. With new advances in non-studded tires like the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 non-studded tires, the grip and traction rivals that of a studded tire.

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 non-studded tires are among the most advanced non-studded tires on the market and have won several awards. This tire performs well on dry, wet, snowy and icy surfaces. Its state-of-the-art rubber compound contain microscopic multi-edged, crystal-like particles that are diamond rough. These crystals operate like built-in studs as they grab the driving surface thanks to their sharp and tough grip edges. This Nokian “Cryo Crystal Concept” helps optimize the tires lateral and longitudinal grip.

These Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 tires have a special tread compound that has been especially formulated for non-studded tires. This Cryo-Silane-based winter silica compound works safely in a wide temperature range. The compound provides the tire with exceptional grip on ice, snow and wet surfaces while remaining wear durability. In addition to the special rubber compound the tread pattern has been specially designed to provide maximum grip and traction with its grip claws and slash claws providing additional safety in demanding situations.

This tire also makes use of the Nokian patented “pump sipes”. These pocket-shaped pump sipes on the tread blocks of the tire’s shoulder area remove, or rather pump, the water off the surface of the road, ensuring thereby that the tire maintains good contact with the driving surface. Together with the zigzag sipes, the pump sipes help improve the tire’s wet grip as well as ice grip. This aggressive tread pattern assures excellent grip in slippery weather and deep snow while also being one of the greenest and most quiet non-studded tires on the market with low rolling resistance, making it eco-friendly and helps save on fuel costs.

Some of the other benefits of having invested in high quality winter tires are improved braking, traction and safety. Winter tires stop faster than either all-season or all-weather tires. Winter tires in general are made of special rubber compounds made to endure temperatures well below freezing and their unique tread designs are meant to be used on ice, snow and slush. For more information regarding non-studded tires, visit: