Choosing all-season tires for your SUV

SUV All-season tires

The sales of SUVs have exploded since 1999 when U.S. sales of SUVs and light trucks for the first-time exceeded sales of regular passenger cars. Most people don’t own a SUV for the 4-wheel drive capacity but for the convenience of the extra space and even status. Let’s face it: They’re a lot cooler than minivans. There is also the safety issue. SUVs are often safer than regular passenger cars.

When considering safety, it is important to invest in good quality tires. This is what helps protect against hydroplaning and other dangers that can come about when driving in unpredictable weather. Tires need to have a tread depth of at least 4mm and be in generally good condition. Not all tires on the market are the same and when choosing tires for your SUV, make sure to look for tires specially recommended for SUVs. The Nokian zLine A/S SUV tires are designed to offer safety and performance while offering a luxurious driving experience throughout the year. These SUV all-season tires are made to support heavier SUVs while maintaining excellent handling and stability, designed with high-end sport SUVs in mind. With their “Silent sidewall technology” they offer a silent controlled driving experience. They also offer “Aramid sidewall technology” which allows for increased protection against impact and cuts, being made up of strong aramid fibers, the same ones that are used in the aerospace industries, rendering the tires puncture-resistant.

SUV all-season tires are a great choice for year-round driving in all kinds of weather conditions, assuming the weather conditions where you live are mild. This is because the all-season tires, contrary to what the name eludes to, are in fact not for all seasons in most areas. All-season tires are great for three seasons of the year, those seasons being spring, summer and fall. If you live in an area with potential severe winter weather you might consider SUV all-weather tires.

Whether choosing SUV all-season tires, SUV all-weather tires or even dedicated SUV winter tires in the winter, it is important to choose a high-performing tire if you want to get the most out of your SUV.

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