Nokian MPT Agile 2, are the ultimate all terrain military vehicle tire

All terrain military vehicles

When it comes to all terrain military tires, then have to be extremely tough to be able to handle the heavy weight of the armored all terrain military vehicles. The combination of heavy loads and very uneven terrain that covers any surface puts a lot of pressure on the tires and makes the tire selection very critical. The Nokian MPT Agile 2 is an off road tire developed in cooperation with the Finnish Defense forces to ensure that the tire can perform in the varying Finnish conditions, that will include swamps, bogs, mud, rocks, snow and ice. If the off road vehicle can handle these conditions then they can handle more or less any harsh conditions.

The Nokian MPT Agile 2 has better grip on soft surfaces, such as mud and snow so that it can effectively transverse these conditions, while still having great on the road properties. This makes these tires very usable for heavy trucks that need to work both on and off road, like all-terrain trucks, heavy rescue vehicles and various heavy defense vehicles.

To ensure that these commercial tires can move just as well in any direction, the tires are designed to handle any direction equally good. They have excellent steering response and can handle high speeds both on and off road, to ensure that these vehicles can move around quickly and that they don’t get stuck and make them immobilized. They can also handle any weather conditions, so that you can operate all year around even during harsh winter conditions.

Having been developed together with the Finnish defense forces means that they have been specially designed to tackle the areas where other tires have problems, to ensure that these tires can handle to various terrains and the heavy loads regardless of weather. The tires can be studded for improved winter performance especially on ice and you can also use chains on these tires to make sure that you have the best performance in deep snow. These tires are also made highly durable to prevent them from punctures and ensuring a long trouble free service life. With tread depth indicators makes it easy to monitor when it is time to change the tires due to the fact when they are close to being worn out. The tire inflation pressure also needs to be checked regularly.

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