Nokian Hakkapeliitta Loader-if you need a winter tire for your loader

Nokian Hakkapeliitta

If you are operating a wheel loader or even a wheel grader and are in need of excellent traction even during winter conditions, then Nokian Hakkapeliitta Loader could be the perfect tire for your earthmoving or road maintenance equipment. If you need to make sure that your equipment can be used all year round without any delay, then you will need to have tires that can handle snow, that is if you live in an area that might have some snow at some point of the year.

Roads still need to be maintained all year round and even there are some ways that make it easier to get some of the roadwork done during the wintertime. Then you have the infrastructure points that need to operate all year round, like harbor ports and airports, which need to have machines that can move around even if you have snow or ice on the ground and then you have to be able to effective clear the areas of snow as it falls. Not all earthmoving tires for loaders will be able to handle the winter conditions and will not be able to provide the necessary grip needed, this will slow down your operation or even making it come to a stand still. Heavy equipment that end up having tires that become hard and lose the majority of its grip will become dangerous as they can easily skid and lose all its control, that can make them dangerous projectiles.

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta Loader is basically a winter tire that can be studded if you need even better grip on icy surfaces. It is made with a special rubber compound and has more rubber in the tread, so that it can create better grip and will also thus last longer for longer service life. The tread also has an open tread design so that they can have good self-cleaning properties to avoid losing traction due to mud getting stuck in the tread.

You will need loader tires that can handle winter conditions and loaders with winter tires can effectively help in any snow clearing operations. So you can effectively use the loader to clear the area for other vehicles, so that the operations can continue without any disruption due to bad weather.

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