Trucks need to be able to drive regardless of weather

heavy truck tires

If your fleet covers territories that will have winter weather during the year, it is wise to ensure that at least some of your trucks have been fitted with winter approved commercial tires. There are all-weather tires or then full-fledged winter tires that can be used. As it is not as easy to change tires on a large truck than it is with a car, operators often prefer to have tires that can operate for all weather conditions.

Some countries that your fleet might end up visiting could require the use of winter tires and when it comes to winter approvals, it is not enough with a M+S marking, but they do need to have the 3-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol on the tire’s sidewall. If it is mandatory you don’t only have to fulfill the safety requirements but also the legal requirements. Even if there are no legislations for winter tires, one should always strive for the safest option during winter conditions. This requires that you will need to use winter tires to ensure that you can drive safely and without any delays or accidents.

Accidents due to weather can often be avoided by having better tires. Accidents will cause delays, possible injuries and damages to the products carried and damages to the truck and trailer. This will further cause delays, possible damage to the reputation of the business and should be avoided. You avoid it by getting truck tires that can handle the conditions. If you are driving the long distance you also need proper long haul tires, that will not wear out too quickly and will have low rolling resistance to minimize the wear and also the fuel consumption.

If you get your fleet perfectly streamlined with the right tires for the right conditions, then you should be able to reduce your overall tire costs. You should have less downtime; fewer tire changes, less problems and less downtime. This is where the real impact starts becoming visible and since good quality tires also lead to lower fuel consumption, which can have a further impact to improving the business. It is however clear that a wrong selection can be very expensive and cause even severe consequences and the optimal selection can be very profitable and lower your overall costs.

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