Why all-weather tires are a better choice in areas with severe winters

All-weather tires

If you live in an area with severe winters and possibly unpredictable weather leading up to winter, you might be better off equipping your car with all-weather tires. The reason for this is that all-weather tires are made to handle anything from dry asphalt to snow and ice on the road. In many areas of the United States winters can come with little warning, which can be quite dangerous if you are not equipped with proper tires. In areas like this you would be better off with all-weather tires, as they are rated for winter use.


The Nokian WR G4 is a high performing true all-weather tire that retains predictable grip all year long on wet and snowy roads. This will give you the peace of mind to handle any abrupt changes in season. It will allow for better handling on black ice which can appear during morning hours in the fall. New innovations and its all-weather dual performance compound ensures excellent wear resistance and fuel savings. Blade Grooves allow for proper routing of rain, snow and slush to keep proper contact with the surface, thereby protecting from hydroplaning. Hydroplaning can also happen with slush that is present after snow melts. This is fairly common when the snow falls and quickly melts due to warmer weather in the daytime.

If the area where you live does not have winters and enjoys milder seasonal changes, then all-season tires might be a possibility. Rain is probable, since it’s the one thing that is fairly common in the fall no matter where you live. This, in combination with wind, makes the choice of good tires an important one. Every driver needs a good set of tires that can handle rain and remain stable in high winds. The good news is that with the new innovations in all-season tires, they come well equipped to handle most weather conditions in three seasons of the year.

All-season tires are a great option for all year-round driving, including the fall, if you live in an area without winters. All-weather tires are a better choice for year-round driving in areas with severe winter weather, ensuring proper handling on snow and ice as well. The weather in your area should help you decide which tires to choose.

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