Use radial tires for CTL forest machines

Skidder tires

Nokian Forest Rider is the only radial forest tire on the market, which gives you excellent grip and the most comfortable driving experience. The forest is not known for providing you with good driving comfort due to the bumpy surface and hard stumps, but these tires actually provide you with a smooth drive even at higher speeds. If you need tires that can work in extreme conditions and still provide excellent grip both with and without chains on steep slopes, these will give you very long service life.

Even on snow and ice, these tires provide excellent grip and traction even without tracks and still due to the large contact area the surface pressure is lower. This means that they avoid sinking on soft surfaces and avoid adding stress to the terrain. The tires also have world class puncture protection due to patented sidewall protectors combined with steel belts, so you don’t have to worry about sharp rocks or stumps. This can make the work routine faster as you don’t have to drive slowly. You have the driving comfort and the traction for speeds without slippage, so you can increase productivity.

These radial tires can fit on any same dimension CTL forestry machine, so if you want to upgrade to the only radial tire offered for CTL machines, then go for the Nokian Forest Rider and you can enjoy superior traction, stability with or without tracks.

If you instead need tires for FTL, you might want to go for the Nokian Logger King LS-2, which is not a radial tire, but a logger tire that can handle the harshest condition for the biggest machines. These tires have enough steel in the tires to protect you against anything in the woods. It combines excellent grip with longer service life. These skidder tires have special bead rubber compound to reduce rim slips, to minimize any problems and to make sure that you have long trouble free service life. It can be used with or without tracks and has high groove bottom on the shoulder area, so that it can provide good support for the tracks.

Whatever tire you choose, you will need to make the best tire choice for your machines. Nokian Tyres is currently the global market leader in forestry tires, for tires when you need to get the job done.

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