The best terminal tires for different equipment

terminal tractor tires

Terminal tractors are the main machines that are using tires in the terminals for moving either goods or containers around the port area. You also have RTG-tires on the RTG cranes and the straddle carrier. They are having similar work environment, where they have very high loads, need for good steering response and easy of wheel turning under heavy loads, which is helped by its tread pattern. Tracks are also used, but the wheeled equipment has more flexibility to move things around and sorting and finding containers.

The terminal tractors tend to operate in small areas, where they have to maneuver the containers with limited space and narrow margins. They have to handle massive load capacity and they often have a low profile so that you can manage better in vary tight spaces with limited vehicle height. To handle the heavy loads the terminal tractor tires will have a sturdy multi-layer structure. The terminal tractor will mainly move around the containers that are already on the trailer, before it is picked up or after it was dropped off. This allows for speedy reallocation of the containers around the port area.

For the straddle carriers you will need to have sturdy tires to make sure to avoid that the containers or the equipment start swinging, which will slow down the work and can potentially cause accidents. Durability is key, as it is not easy to change these tires, so wear resistance is of utter importance. You can select slick or grooved, where the slick gives you better driving comfort. The tires need to also have excellent grip on wet or icy surfaces, so that they can operate even during winter conditions.

To achieve the high productivity needed and to ensure that delays are avoided, which is needed due to the high volume of containers every day, the tires will need to have special tread compound for terminal use, with very low heat build up and low tyre wear, as tire problems would take time to fix, so you will need long trouble free service life and low wear, so that they can operate for a long time without unscheduled downtime. So when selecting tires for terminal equipment, make sure to base the decision based on the durability and long operating hours for higher productivity year in and year out.

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