Road construction during winter

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Nowadays winter season is not a reason to stop construction of roads and bridges and the work continue all year round. The snow is easily cleared, but you might have a bit more difficulty in digging due to ground freeze, that can go a far bit down. If needed thaw machines can be used to warm up the topsoil layer to allow for easier excavation. The heavy equipment will however need to rely on proper tires that can handle the cold weather while still providing sufficient grip for the work to continue safely.

You need to take into account the fact of snow removal, so you will need a tractor or a loader that is dedicated for snow removal, so that snow removal will be swift when needed. These might need loader tires for winter use or then tractor tires for winter use. The winter tires will be needed for providing the grip so that the snow removal will be done without tire slippage. If your equipment are not handling snow grip without slipping, you can have significant delays. This is where tire selection becomes very important.

Delays can easily happen during the winter season due to harsh weather conditions, which makes the working almost impossible, If the ground needs to be thawed can also delay. This needs to be taken into account when projecting for the work. Using the right equipment and getting the right tires for your machines will save you money on the overall costs. Make use of the technical tire manual to assess the correct tire options for each machine and ensure that the tires can handle the intended load requirements as well as they are good for winter use.

Allowing the work to continue around the year saves a lot of time for the overall projects. It also means that you are ready to face harsh weather and will not bad weather to stop the work or drastically slow it down. Some very heavy snowfall will probably slow or halt the work temporarily, but that will not continue for ever and with the snow removal capabilities, you can quickly remove the snow and resume the work. So that you can work towards reaching the timelines set for the project, without any costly delays.

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