Make sure to use flotation tires on your tractor for less soil compaction

agricultural trailer tires

Today’s farming is very competitive and ensuring high yield will always be important. This why it is important to take all necessary steps to increase the yield and limit everything that can have a negative impact on it. When it comes to drive heavy equipment on the fields can have a negative impact, as the heavy weight will compact the soil and cause less optimal circumstances for the crops to grow. Since it is difficult to farm without heavy equipment nowadays you will need to instead limit the impact of the heavy machines driving all over the field.

The best way to limit the impact is to use flotation tires that are able to minimize the impact by spreading the weight over a larger area. The flotation tires reduces the surface pressure and thus also the soil compaction. So by using flotation tires you can limit the impact of the heavy equipment and reduce the negative impact that these can have on soil compaction as they drive all over the fields. You do however need to use flotation tires not only on the tractors, but flotation tires should be used on all the agricultural equipment that uses tires.

So when you purchase agriculture tires, make sure that they are of flotation type and also that the agricultural trailer tires are also flotation tires. The tractor tires are of course the most important ones and the ones that should be changed first if you are not already using flotation tires, as it tend to be the heaviest equipment used on the farm. Once that is changed, then change the other ones as they wear out.

It is also often important to look for tires that have good on and off road properties, so that you can use them both on the field and off the field without wearing them out too quickly and have still good driving properties. On and off road tires will have a combination of properties that are able to give them better performance for this usage, where they can still be driven on roads at high speeds comfortably without heavy wear and still have low rolling resistance, which provides you with good fuel economy. So both low wear and low fuel usage combined with higher yield is good news for any farming business.

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