Forest and forest tire facts

Forestry is a big industry in certain countries and has become on of the main industries. The trees are cut and then mainly turned into timber or paper.

Of the worlds total surface close to one third of its area is covered by forest. Russia has the most forest area, but in only the 7th biggest country in terms of wood industry

Canada is the global market leader in wood products, followed by USA, Sweden and Finland. Sweden and Finland combines are bigger than USA, but not bigger than Canada.

The method of felling trees varies between countries. Most of the European countries use cut-to-length method and the North American countries tend to use the full-length forestry method.

Cut to length uses mainly a skidder and a harvester to do the work while full-tree makes use of a feller buncher and a skidder.  With cut-to length the harvester cuts the trees, de limbs it and cuts it into exact length pieces. The full-tree will instead cut the tree and drag it to the landing where it then can be de-limbed and further cut.

Finland with is Nokian Tyres is the market leader in forest tires. They mainly produce harvester tires, forwarder tires, skidder tires and logger tires. They also produce for other machines that will help out in the forestry work such as the forest tractors and the tires for the trucks that will deliver the trees to the mill.

Forest tires need to be able to handle very high loads and very challenging surrounding where grip is essential. These tires can be used with and without tracks, to allow for flexibility. Nokian Tyres will provide tires that are very durable and provide long trouble free service life.

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