Life in the fast lane

Winter tires

This metaphor that originated in the middle of the twentieth century has become an everyday idiom referring to a hectic and high-pressure life. It also suggests a more exciting life with exciting and sometimes dangerous activities. So, it might come as a surprise that the fast lane is actually the safest lane to drive in, with less accidents than the middle and far right lane. In fact, the lane with the most accidents is the far right lane, responsible for 40% of the accidents. The middle lane is responsible for 38% and the fast lane only 22% of car accidents.

No matter what lane you drive in it is important to equip your car with good quality tires to avoid the risk of accidents due to inadequate tires. Tires that are worn down can cause a blow out, or improperly inflated or worn out tires will also be more subject to hydroplaning. This is the number one reason for accidents in the summer. When shopping for tires you need to consider where you live, what kind of driving you will be doing and what kind of driving conditions you will be encountering.

Obviously if you have a high-performance car you would be looking for high performance tires with the appropriate speed rating, a rating that indicates the maximum safest speed the tire can be driven. It should be noted that the speed rating is usually much higher than the legal speed limit however that doesn’t mean that a higher speed rating is not advantageous as usually tires with higher speed ratings also handle and corner better with superior traction. If you have a hybrid or electrical car you would want a tire with low rolling resistance to allow the car to go further between each charge allowing for a smaller ecological footprint.

There is also the need to consider whether you are in the market for one set of tires to be used year-round or if the fact of changing tires during the year can be considered.  The main reason people consider changing tires is if you live in an area with severe winters where winter tires are the best option. Winter tires are by far the best choice if you live in an area with severe winter weather. Whether you choose non-studded tires or studded tires they remain the best option for superior grip and traction on snow and ice and especially lateral traction.

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