Bus tires that can handle both long distances and winter weather

winter commercial tires

Buses are known for their relentless driving and constantly fighting with trying to keep the schedules without delays. Buses transport people who have their own schedules, so delays can be very costly both for them as well as for the bus companies that might have to pay penalties for any delays or lose customers if the delays become prevalent. You have of both short and long distance buses, where you have very different clientele frequenting the buses.


Bad weather tends to be the biggest cause for delays. It can lead to both a lot of traffic due to driving challenges as well as inability to get to the end destination due tires that can’t cope with challenges caused by the weather. Heavy rain can cause cars and buses to aquaplane, snow and ice can cause them to have very limited grip and skid off the road. When operating in areas that have winter weather you will need to have winter commercial tires. Both truck and bus tireswill need to have special tires for winter weather, so that you can handle any type of winter weather. You don’t want any delays due to the weather and you need good quality bus tires that can overcome weather challenges without any delays for the passengers.

Tire selection is very important and should not be done based on cost, it should be done on the best tire to keep your fleet of buses operating with maximum uptime, with as little unscheduled maintenance or tire related problems. Durability is also very important and having reinforced sidewalls to prevent punctures due to curb impact. Low rolling resistance in the higher quality tires will reduce your fuel costs and the ability to retread the tires will reduce your tire costs. A good quality tire carcass can be retreaded 1 to 2 times, drastically reducing your tire costs. So by purchasing a more expensive tire initially you save in fuel costs due to lower rolling resistance and you can retread them. IN addition you are driving with safer tires that will also last longer and keep you away from any unforeseen problems and good quality winter tires will keep you safe and on the road during the harshest winter weather, so that your drivers and passengers alike will stay safe and arrive on time.For more info regarding bus tires, visit: www.nokianheavytyres.com