Why all-season tires are great tires for summer driving

Nokian zLine

All-season tires are a great choice to enjoy driving all year long, especially in the summer. There have been many new innovations in all-season tires that optimize their handling. This make them a perfect choice to enjoy summer road trips without compromising on performance or safety. The advantage of an all-season tire is that it eliminates the need to change tires to account for different seasons. All-weather tires also eliminate the need to change tires and are a better choice if you live in an area with severe winters. The reason why an all-season tire is ideal for spring and summer is due to a unique tread design which allows it to have excellent handling and stability on wet and dry payment alike. If you come from a place where summers get extremely hot there is no need to worry, as all-season tires are made to handle a large range of temperatures.


The choice between all-season tires or all-weather tires depends on where you live. In many areas of the United States, you are able to use all-season tires year-round; however, they are not recommended in areas with severe winter conditions. This is because they do not hold the three-peak mountain snowflake emblem that signifies they can be used in wintry road conditions.

If you are fortunate enough to live in an area that doesn’t experience severe winters, then you are able to keep all-season tires all year long. New innovations in all-season tires makes them a high performance tire that can be enjoyed for fast driving throughout the year. Products like the Nokian zLine all-season tires offer luxurious performance and safety while remaining fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly due to their low rolling resistance. They are also made up of a new rubber compound that improves wet grip and saves fuel, even during demanding use and at high speeds.

All-season tires like the Nokian zLine bring out the best in summer driving, allowing for great handling on wet and dry roads. The tire is also equipped to thrive in heat, as its new dynamic traction boost tread compound adapts to changes in temperature. This assures safe handling of the tires in hot summer weather while protecting from hydroplaning when summer rain showers arrive.

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