The best tires for heavy mining use

wheeled excavator tires

Mines represent some really harsh work environments. Being in underground mines, means no sunlight, limited space and being surrounded by sharp rocks. This is not the ideal environment neither for equipment nor tires. If you are going to bring down equipment into mines, you want to make sure that you have the best possible equipment. You want to make sure that the equipment can handle the task at hand and that the tires will be up for the challenge. These tires have to be extremely durable.

There are a few key equipment used in mines and when making tunnels, they have in common that they have to be able to work in narrow spaces and need to have tires that are very precise when it comes to steering response and ability to turn even at standstill. You will mainly have some form of drill rig, an excavator, a loader and dump truck.  A mine loader has a much lower height so that it can operate in the tunnels. To match these, you will need to have wheeled loader tires, wheeled excavator tires and tires for dump trucks and drill rigs. When you have mining tires for these, you know that they will be some of the most durable tires designed for long service life.

You will enjoy a long service lie if you ensure proper tire maintenance. You will need to ensure that the tire pressure is as detailed in the technical tire manual, that they tires are inspected for cuts, cracks and other visible damages. A tire specialist should clear all visible defects before work can continue and if the damage is deemed serious the tire should be changed as soon as possible to avoid breakdown while in operation. It is advisable to clean the tires daily after the shift and then do the visual inspection. Check also the tread depth so you can keep track of when you will need to change the tire as it has reached the end of its service life.

The better the quality, the longer the service life and costly unscheduled downtime can be minimized and the safety improved. You will also see positive effects on the productivity, as the tight space in the mines is not a place where you want to have a lot of problems with faulty equipment.

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