Check the possibilities you have with new backhoe loader tires

backhoe loader tires

There is a full range of different loader tires for wheeled loaders. Premium backhoe loader tires should be able to get the work done even in rough conditions. As there are new earthmoving tires entering the market continuously, some are developed to satisfy certain uncovered needs in the marketplace. The newly launched Nokian Ground Kare family is one of these, where you even have a semi-slick tire that is specifically designed for railway use.

The Nokian Ground Kare family have currently 2 tread design options, one with full grooves and one that is semi-slick. They are built to provide extremely high load capacity. They provide excellent stability and can absorb swings and shocks, which are crucial when it comes to the digging part. These tires are wide and the tread offers a design that allows for low surface pressure so that the soil compaction is low, while still being able to offer excellent traction to the edges of the tire. The grooves on the edges are basically self-cleaning , due to how these deep grooves are designed.

The Nokian Ground Kare tires are designed for the modern backhoe loaders which is a multi-functional machine that nowadays uses a lot of auxiliary equipment. The machine weight of the modern backhoe loaders have increased over the years, which calls for bigger and more durable tires that can handle the heavy loads. The semi-slick that is designed especially for railway applications on hard surfaces, while the other one is designed for meadow use and is very soft on the grass and will not compact the soil that can damage the grass roots.

The tires works very well on highways for transportation between work sites, so it is a very durable tire that will give you the necessary grip while you work at the site and smooth and economical as you drive between sites. This gives you a very flexible tire for a multi-functional machine that will provide you with the best possible features for these applications. You end up with a very stable tire that is very durable due to its steel belt that help prevent cracks and cuts, to give you a very long operating life with minimum unscheduled downtime. Just make sure that you follow the recommended tire pressure and the necessary tire maintenance steps.For more info regarding Nokian Ground Kare backhoe tires, visit: