Don’t get stuck with problems in the forest

forest tires

There are a few places where you don’t want to get stuck; one of them is in the middle of the forest during forestry work. This is why you should make sure that you have the best equipment and the best forest tires on them.  Good quality forest tires will make sure that you don’t get stuck as well as they make sure that the surroundings don’t cause problems when it comes to getting the work done. Your tires must be able to work regardless of weather and surface conditions.

You have to be able to combat conditions such as swamps, slippery rocks and sharp stumps without slippage and tire damages. This requires extremely durable tires, which can handle high loads and have superb grip. These are the conditions under what Nokian Tyres are used to work within. This is what has made Nokian Tyres the global market leader when it comes to forest tires.

When you select a pair of tires from Nokian Tyres, you tend to make a safe and wise choice as these tires can be used with or without tracks.  This makes the situation very flexible and since the tracks can quite easily be added if you need even better traction and grip in challenging conditions.

The costs of getting stuck in the woods with tire problems can quickly be costly, but also causing delays. With cut to length harvesting, you will also only have a harvester and a forwarder, so downtime impacts you often even more and you have fewer people at close distance to help out. This is why the equipment you select becomes even more important; to assure that you can minimize problems and unscheduled downtime.

Use the Nokian Tyres technical tire manual to find the best tires for your machine. This manual contains their full rage of forest tires, with all the dimensions and tire pressures, so that you know what load and pressure the tires are designed for. This is so that you can make the best tire selection, regardless if you need Forwarder or harvester tires or if you need skidder tires for full length harvesting, Nokian Tyres has the full range of tires for performing the most challenging tasks in forestry, where you need to make sure to get the job done.

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