Truck tires that are in it for the long haul

truck tires

Truck tires are some of the most used commercial tires as definitely the most used continuous tire as the trucks basically are driven around the clock to deliver products around the road networks around the globe. To ensure that the products are delivered on time, the tires need good durability and wear resistance. Good quality truck tires will provide you with a longer service life than tires of lower quality. You tend to also get a lower rolling resistance leading to better fuel economy, which can result in big savings considering the miles that your trucks are putting in. Combine this with that a high quality carcass can be retreaded when the tread reaches the minimum acceptable tread depth. A good carcass can be retreaded 1-2 times, before it has to be discarded, but in the mean time you can make substantial savings. A retreaded tire is as good as a new, if the carcass is of high quality and you use a high quality retreading option.

One of the main reason that long haul tires will fail you is due to low tire pressure. A tire rarely just explodes if it is properly inflated, unless you hit something on the road like a pothole or some debris. This means that basically 80 % of all tire blowouts could be prevented with ensuring that you have the correct tire pressure. Bad tire pressure is based on bad tire maintenance, so if your fleet is having problems with tire blowouts, you will need to assess your fleets tire maintenance process.

It is important to make sure that the tires are matched correctly in terms of diameter when they are dual assembled as you might risk on ruining both tires otherwise. Alignment is another key issue to ensure even wear across the tire. The biggest problem with tires is on the trailers side, as they tend to get less maintenance than the main rig. Proper maintenance of all parts is essential and combine it with making sure that you purchase high quality tires. Retread for better tire economy, as you can make substantial savings on your tire budget if you buy quality haul tires from the start. Then make sure that you monitor and account for all problems so that you can identify the best process to improve productivity with minimum downtime.

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