Excavator work on the beach

excavator tires

Even on tourist beaches there might be need for some excavator work, this would come both when preparing a tourist beach, but also in terms of maintenance after heavy rains. Wheeled excavator perform well even on tricky surfaces as fine beach sand, as it landscapes beaches. The ability to fast move around versus a tracked version improves the efficiency and speed to finish the work. This is one of the advantages with having a more agile equipment.


Heavy thunderstorms can distort famous beaches causing flood holes when overfilled streets are drained down towards the beach until it reaches the sea. This can cause deep drainage holes in the beach. These needs to be filled to ensure that the tourists have a nice flat beach to relax, play and take sun on. This can quite quickly be done with a excavator, digging up sand from one area and then driving it to the hole that needs to be filled.

Restoration and recovery of beaches is a more long term project, but can also be vital for some areas that rely on tourism or then for affluent areas that rely on beaches for expensive properties. When using wheeled excavators on beaches you might need to use flotation tires, that have lower area pressure, but are also less likely to sink down as they tend to more float on the surface with the low surface pressure and wide area. Flotation tires are very popular in agriculture where the lower compaction impact is advantageous for the yield. This has made it one of the preferred agriculture tire on the market. If the sand is not too loose, normal excavator tires can be used.

Most excavators are used in road maintenance or earthmoving applications, where beach work belongs clearly to earthmoving. For road maintenance tires and earthmoving tires, you have a wide range of models to choose from. Using the technical tire manual is a good way to ensure that you find the tire option that best suits the challenges that you will face and for the work that you aim to perform with your equipment. It is always important to choose high quality tires that will deliver high level of service hours and keep any unscheduled downtime to a bare minimum. A proper maintenance process is important to implement if the downtime is a significant part of the overall equipment costs.

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