All season tires for hybrid or electric cars

all-season tires

When choosing tires for a hybrid or electric car, it is important to keep in mind the difference between these cars and traditional cars. Electric and hybrid cars have battery packs that make them heavier than traditional cars that run on gasoline. This means that grip is even more important to allow proper braking. During the summer months, grip and traction remain important, as summer rains increase the risk of hydroplaning – one of the biggest reasons for accidents in the summer months. At the same time, obviously, the whole reason for driving an electrical or hybrid car is to leave a smaller ecological footprint. This is why Nokian Tyres products are an eco-friendly choice, since they have low rolling resistance to decrease the amount of energy needed for each trip, thereby extending the distance an electric car can travel on each charge.

When investing in new tires for your hybrid or electric car, it is important to take into account the difference between them and a traditional car: the main difference being the additional weight due to the battery packs, which renders them slower to stop. The Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 is a premium all-season tire that has excellent grip – especially wet grip – to assure proper braking and is recommended for hybrid or electric cars. The Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 also offers new technologies, like new modulus tread compound, to deliver a smooth and sporty ride.

All-season tires can be used year-round and perform better in tire summer than their all-weather counterparts. This is because what makes all-weather tires better for use in winter compromises their performance for use in summer. The other benefit of all-season tires is their low rolling resistance, which renders them more environmentally friendly.

When choosing a high-quality all-season tire, it is important to have done your homework and to at least understand the difference driving a hybrid or electric car brings forth. Keep in mind that summer driving requires a high-quality tire with a minimum of 4 millimeters of tread to protect against hydroplaning, a real risk with summer rains. What remains the same for both hybrid and traditional cars is the need for high-quality tires. It’s the most important choice for your family’s safety and peace of mind.

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