When to choose all-weather tires for an SUV

SUV all-weather tires

The benefit with all-weather tires compared to dedicated winter tires is of course the option to keep one set of tires year round. Drivers who live in an area with occasional snow in the winter should consider equipping their SUVs with special SUV all-weather tires, since all-season tires are not able to handle snow and ice as well. This is why they do not carry the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol like all-weather tires and winter tires. This emblem basically tells you that the tires are able to handle sever winter conditions. This is important to drivers who don’t experience severe winters but do have snow, ice and possible rain and temperatures below 7 degrees Fahrenheit. The fact of owning an SUV does not equal not needing good quality tires for the winter months because even though the 4-wheel drive optimizes the power transmission delivery it gives only minimal assistance in transverse handling and braking situations. The SUV being a much heavier vehicle actually needs more grip to be able to brake. Many drivers decide to buy the Nokian WR G4 SUV tire. This tire offers both excellent winter grip and driving responsiveness allowing enhanced performance.

Nokian WR G4 SUV tires are designed for all-weather durability and excellent handling on snow as well as dry surfaces. The tire has low rolling resistance thereby making it fuel efficient. It also handles well in wet conditions, allowing extra protection from hydroplaning in either rain or slush (aquaplaning and slushplaning). This protection from hydroplaning is due to the deep transverse grooves that combined with the strong, arrow-like directional tread and polished main grooves efficiently remove water and slush. Slush is always of concern when the snow starts melting and you get the streets covered with slush. Where many live it is sometimes not cold enough to snow so instead, they have rain thereby melting the snow creating slush.

The Nokian WR G4 SUV all-weather tires can be used all year long in many places ,which of course is convenient as drivers are not required to change over tires and deal with storing tires in the garage.

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