Tire Selection Can Even Impact The Yield In Agriculture

agriculture trailer tires

Agriculture is a low margin business, so to carefully monitor the yield and take all the necessary steps to improve it can have major impacts on the profitability. Using the right equipment, the latest technologies and latest innovations when it comes to seed treatments and fertilizers, to ensure that you take the necessary steps for a profitable agriculture business. Your heavy investment equipment should also have a high utilization rate. The good thing with agriculture is that most tasks can be done with a tractor and different types of accessories and trailers.

Wrong agriculture tire selection can impact the compaction of the soil, which can impact the yield from the field. When the soil gets compacted, the grains struggle more to grow and the yield will be lower. You will need to have the right tire selection, tires that do not have a big surface pressure as the move across field. The correct tire selection for trailers here are the so called flotation tires, which are wider and more or less float on top the surface due to the low surface pressure that they exert on the surface.


Just the difference of changing to flotation tires for your agriculture trailer tires and your tractor tires, will probably improve your yield significantly. Make sure that you select high quality ones, that have low rolling resistance so that you can conserve fuel while using the tractor regardless if you drive on the fields or on roads. Lower fuel costs will further contribute to your profitability. High quality tires will also contribute to less downtime and low wear will translate to higher usage, which also save changing times.

Investing in high quality equipment with good tires enables you to get the most out of your business. Less downtime, more productive work hours spent on making the business more profitable. Maintenance is a key part of it, so make sure that you service the equipment including the tires regularly. Ensure that you have the correct tire pressure and the correct tires for the work and for the load, which you are using the equipment for. More information can be found in the technical tire manual.  So it is always advisable to consult that, to ensure that you are following the guidelines, both from safety perspective and from ultimate usage.

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