Proper Maintenance Can Save A Lot Of Costs For Terminals

terminal truck tires

If you are working with a maritime container port, you tend to have the highest type of costs involved. The equipment and the size of these tend to be very big and the costs of running them are very high, which is then balanced with the high utilization rate of them. This is when everything is running smoothly. During normal operations, a ship will arrive; the containers are taken off and then redistributed to the correct trucks or alternative transportation for further transports within the continent.

Any equipment downtime, caused by equipment failures can be very expensive, as it delays in many cases shipments and lowers the utilization rate for everything from the ships to the trucks and the equipment in the terminal. This is why maintenance is a key part of ensuring that the downtime is limited and hopefully can be almost avoided by servicing and changing parts in time. Bad maintenance can also be a safety concern, as you are dealing with very heavy equipment, carrying very heavy loads.

You do not want to have e.g. the tires on your RTG-crane to go flat, due to bad maintenance of improper tire selection. The cost implications due to an RTG-tires failure can be astronomical in comparison of what the tire or the proper maintenance of it will cost. There are not that many equipment with vehicle within the terminals that have such critical impact as the RTG-cranes and the terminal trucks, however you will have more than one terminal truck, so the impact of terminal truck tires failure is less than for the cranes, which are needed to load the containers on the trucks.

Delays can also cause some perishable goods to be destroyed if they are not able to get off the ships and delivered on time, or cause delays for other industries waiting for parts for their just-in-time production line. Ensuring very limited downtime is the key to a profitable and smooth well running operation. Container ports are competing against each others based on costs, time, speed and infrastructure. Fixing some of the easy problems tend to have the biggest impacts. Maintenance and safety should always be key in operations where accidents can happen and when they do, the consequences can be big and costly for everyone involved.

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