When Should You Get All-Season Tires?

all season tires

Are you looking to buy all season tires to be able to keep one tire all year around?. Let’s face it who wants to store a second set of tires in the garage. The advantage of a tire that can be used all year around is obvious but is it safe? This depends somewhat on what kind of driving you will be doing and where you live. This is because an all-season tire is not made for winter conditions. So contrary to the name all season these tires are only good in 3 seasons, those being spring, summer and fall.

Unlike an all-weather tire the all-season tires are not able to handle snow and ice and therefor are not marked with the emblem or mountain snowflake symbol designated for use in severe winter conditions. This is different than an all-weather tire that does actually possess this emblem. This is because the all-weather tire can be considered like a hybrid between an all season tire and a winter tire. The all season tires are only safe in the spring, fall and summer season if you live in an area with winter weather. However if you live in an area like Los Angeles that does not have winters the all season tires are good all year around.

Additionally, an all-season tire like the Nokian eNtyre 2.0 has unique tread pattern that provides excellent wet grip and smooth and quiet ride while remaining an environmentally friendly tire. It also has the silent sidewall technology to insure an noise and vibration free ride. The polished lateral and inside grooves also allows the water to evacuate thereby protecting from hydroplaning. Hydroplaning can also occur when the snow melts and there is slush on the road. 

All-season tires can be used all year round in areas without winter weather or at least not with severe winters. Even though they cannot provide the best-performance in all season compared to dedicated winter and summer tires, they will eliminate the need for a changing of tires in winter and summer. The Nokian eNtyre 2.0 with its innovative design assures ultimate safety and excellent handling both on wet and dry surfaces. This is because of the many new innovations like polished grooves and the silent sidewall technology which minimizes noise and vibration. Living in Los Angeles the Nokian eNtyre 2.0 is an excellent all year around tire that does not compromise on performance while remaining a environmentally friendly tire.

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