When To Buy A Summer Tire?

Summer tires

Having good quality summer tires is just as important as having dedicated winter tires for winter. You need to make sure that you have tires that are designed to deal with the heat of the summer while also providing protection from aquaplaning due to summer rains. Here in Miami, Florida this is definitely the case, real constant heat and humidity with occasional summer showers. It’s important to have a dedicated summer tire if you want to get the most out of your car. We decided to get the Nokian zLline tires. After having shopped around we realized this was the tire for us. 

The Nokian zLine tires are especially designed to deal with the summer heat and even wet roads from rain. They offer a stable, precise and quiet drive by allowing a perfect feel for the road.  The special softer rubber compound used in summer tires allows them to have more grip on the road in both wet and dry conditions. This is an important safety feature as rain is what causes most of the traffic accidents in the summer. The Nokian zLine tires have special “swoop” grooves that improve their grip to help prevent aquaplaning. It also has hydro grooves, which are deep diagonal grooves that stabilize the driving while also clearing water from the driving surface and the tire thereby further protecting against the dangers of aquaplaning. This is something I appreciated as my family’s safety comes first.

I also quite enjoy driving at high speeds and with these tires that are especially formulated with the Nokian Intelligent UHP Silica as tread compound, which allows the steering to be very responsive even at high speeds. This is because this nano silica compound allows to ensure the feel of the road while at the same time the bottom layer of the rubber compound remains rigid to reduce rolling resistance and heat generation. This allows for better fuel economy and less environmentally harmful emissions.

The Nokian zLine summer tire is designed to get the most out of your summer driving .You can rest assured to have optimal handling on both dry and wet surfaces. Nothing other than a summer tire can guarantee the best performance for the summer season. Dedicated summer tires can resist heat and can move through dust, wet surface and layers of mud quite easily. If you live in an area with hot summers the best option is to invest in dedicated summer tires. 

For more info regarding summer tires, visit: www.nokiantires.com