What To Consider When Buying Summer Tires For A SUV

SUV summer tires

Our family just purchased a beautiful ranch property in Flagstaff, Arizona. Having accepted a job with a local tour company which gives tours of the Grand Canyon,” Bearizona” Wildlife park, and Antelope Slot Canyon to just mention a few excursions. Arranging day tours and using our family SUV to travel back and forth in sometimes quite rugged terrain I wanted to equip our SUV with some good qualitySUV summer tires. Even though we have a 4-wheel drive vehicle you would imagen that tires aren’t so important as you have access to 4-wheel drive however the composition of the tires is actually what determines your grip on the road. In addition, summer tires are the only tire that guarantees the highest grip level during the hot summer season. They are also better to deal with aquaplaning due to gentle summer showers. We decided upon the Nokian Zline SUV tires.

The Nokian zLine SUV tires have aggressive blade grooves that help prevent aquaplaning and in addition there is the shoulder of the tires that have trumpet grooves (bullet type indentations) to further prevent aquaplaning by accelerating the flow of water out of the tire via the transverse grooves thereby maximizing grip. This along with the Aramid Sidewall technology in these tires which allow puncture resistance with help of the strong aramid fibers incorporated in the sidewall. All of this insures a safe ride and there is even a driving safety indicator (DSI) patented by Nokian Tyres that allows the driver to inspect the tires to see when the tread depth is less than 4 millimeters, which could indicate a risk for aquaplaning.

The Nokian zLine SUV summer tires can be used from spring to fall but should not be used in winter. They are made up of a coral Silica tread compound that is especially made to endure the summer heat and remains extremely rigid to maintain reliable and balanced contact with the road even at high speeds and in sharp corners. Summer tires in general have a shallower tread which lets you “feel” the road and allows for a quiet and comfortable drive. I believe this tire will be well suited for my needs everything from the rugged terrain and the freeway driving that I will be doing.

We will probably invest in dedicated winter tires once winter rolls around as we do experience snow and ice here in Flagstaff.

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