What To Consider When Buying All Season Tires For An SUV

SUV all season tires

Living in San Diego we are able to enjoy mild temperatures all year around and thereby able to equip our SUV with all-season tires. The all season tires allow to use one tire all year around which of course does make sense from a financial stand point. We did however want to invest in some good quality and well performing tires to allow the best performance for our sporty SUV.  We don’t really use the 4-wheel drive or lower gears of our SUV we mostly enjoy the extra space and performance when driving on the freeway and in some of the dirt roads when driving our daughter to her riding lessons and our son to his boy scout outings. We decided for the Nokian zLine A/S SUV tires. This tire offers both safety and luxuries performance.

The Nokian zLine A/S SUV tires is designed especially for the heavier SUV vehicles to allow precise handling throughout the year with its many technological advances. Technologies like the Aramid sidewall technologies which insures an extremely durable tire thereby protected from punctures with its use of the aramid fibers. This material is also used in the aerospace and defense industries. You can expect excellent grip and exceptional durability all year around. This will come in handy when picking up our daughter at the ranch where the access road makes us think of a rock mining site.

The Nokian zLine A/S are SUV all-season tires that can be used all year around in San Diego however if we lived in an area that had severe winters this tire would not be enough. We would then have had to invest in either an all-weather tire or dedicated winter tires in the winter. It might seem like an all season tire would be good for all season as the name implies however this is not so. The all weather tire is actually the tire that can be used even in the winter as it somewhat of a hybrid of all season tires and winter tires. The all season tires are great in an area like San Diego where we do not actually experience winter with snow and ice.

We are lucky to live in an area with such beautiful weather. This makes the choice of tires easier however it is still important to choose a high quality tire to ensure the best performance of your SUV.

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