Things To Consider When Buying Tires For A Hybrid Or Electric Car?

studded tires

Having good quality tires no matter if you are buying, winter tires, summer tires, all season tires or all-weather tires. There are some important differences when shopping for tires for an electric or hybrid car. Especially high-powered electrical cars like the Tesla accelerate quickly with precise steering something that requires a high quality tire to bring out these features and to guarantee optimal performance. Unlike traditional combustion engines, electrical cars reach maximum torque immediately. This means that the tires are subject to more stress so rotating tires from front to rear more often is recommended. Lets face it would be a shame to have a nice high performance car and to not invest in high quality tires.

There are some other major differences with electrical cars being the additional weight due to the batteries so something to keep in mind when braking. This is especially important on wet and slippery roads. This is where a high quality tire which offers protection against hydroplaning comes in handy. It is also important to have a tire with low rolling resistance as it consumes less energy so this in addition to keeping the correct inflation pressure saves energy and is good for the environment. We currently have the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 on our Tesla Model S. 

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 is a non-studded winter tire, which offers both safety and comfort.  We were told that we did not need studded tires as these tires have exceptional grip with their multi-faceted “Snow Claws” and special rubber compounds made up with special ‘Cryo “ crystals to further improve the grip. Grip is very important especially with electrical cars, which are heavier than other cars due to the battery packs.

We invested in some dedicated winter tires as here in Alaska we felt it was the most prudent. The winters in Alaska are quite treacherous and as we moved here in November with our Tesla Model S which we realized was not ideal for this area of the country. We decided to invest in some high quality tires and these were recommended for not only electric cars but also specifically for the Tesla Model S.  Taking advantage of advanced technologies to ensure first class winter grip on both snow and ice which is especially important when braking and accelerating. Once spring rolls around we will be in the market for some new tires.

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