Five Reasons Why To Select A Finnish Winter Tire

Buying new winter tires is never easy. In North America they are not even mandatory except for Quebec, so if you plan to buy a set it means that you have already made a conscious decision that you will be safer driving with winter tires on. Some of the best winter tires are coming out of Finland. Nokian Tyres is the world’s northernmost tire producer and also the inventor of the winter tire back in 1930-ies.

  1. They produce the tires in a country that has quite long winters with some really harsh and varying winter conditions, so they know what is needed from a proper winter tire.
  2. They are able to test the tires under very harsh conditions to ensure that constant improvements lead to a successful product
  3. They produce some of the safest tires, due to the constant development of both studded and non-studded tires
  4. Nordic countries have a very good reputation of producing high quality products.
  5. They have a wide variety of different winter tires for different vehicles. So you can keep using the Nokian Tyres brand despite that you might change the vehicle.

The constant development and testing of Nokian Tyres’ winter tires in harsh conditions ensures that you will be safe. They have always been in the forefront of technology and safety. These tires have the excellent grip and stability on winter roads, so that regardless if you face snow, ice or slush, you will be able to drive safely. They are also excellent on preventing slushplaning, which can be quite a scary feeling. Select a Nokian Tyres model that fits your vehicle.  Then make sure that it fits with your requirements before purchasing a set. With a set of these premium tires on your vehicle you will start driving safely also in North America.

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