From Ship To Shelf

Goods are nowadays shipped all over the world. Products might be produced in China and they still end up in the shelves in stores close to us.

The process is not so difficult due to the global trade has streamlined it so that it is nowadays quite quick process.

From the factory in China the product is produced and loaded into a container for shipment. The container is then transported via a truck to the harbor terminal for being loaded onto a container ship destined to your part of the world.

The container ship arrives to the port and the containers are taken off. Once they have been taken off the ship they are transported around the terminal or stacked. An RTG will locate the container from the stack of containers.

The trucks are long haul trucks that can drive across the continent to a logistic warehouse for potential further distribution. Once the truck that will drive in your direction has located container it will load the container.

To make sure that they products arrive all the way to the end destination close to you, there needs to be some industrial tires that will be durable enough to make it all the way.

The RTG-tires have to sustain a very high load while moving back and forth to deliver the right container to the truck. With unique tread pattern you can easier move the wheel despite standing still, you will need this to reduce the forces the actuator will have to absorb.

The terminal tractors will need similar functions to easily turn and move around the containers, thus the terminal tractor tires need the easy ability to turn even small areas and be very precise. They need to be able to also carry massive loads.

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