You Get A Lot Of Help From Agriculture Trailers And Attachments

For agriculture most work is done with a tractor, which then has a range of trailers and then a wide range of various attachments, depending on what needs to be done. You tend to have grain trailers, some type of dump trailer, a bale trailer, slurry tanker, manure spreader and a grain trailer. As attachments you will have ploughs, cultipacker, roller, sub-soiler etc. The attachments are often without any tires and are attached and pulled by the tractors.

Flotation tires are tires that almost float on surfaces, as they are much wider than normal tires. They are also designed to give extra traction and stability on soft surfaces. Tractors and trailers can use flotation tires for traction both on and off field. If you aim to drive more on the road than on the field, then you should select a tire that has good on the road properties that doesn’t wear out too fast. You want a good floatation tire on the trailer so it doesn’t sway when you pull it. Agricultural trailer tires are often flotation tires.

These type of tires are very wide to spread their weight over a large contact area, so that it can move lightly over fields and soft surfaces. They tend to be made with a very durable rubber compound that are steel reinforced to enable high loads and to be more durable for cuts. The tread is made so that are easy to clean and have low rolling resistance that reduces fuel consumption. A sturdy design of the agriculture tires will make them less prone to sway or move when you load. Also they can deliver a smooth driving experience both on and off road, for continuous work throughout the workday.

There is of course a lot of advantages of using a more limited amount of machines, as you have higher utilization of your main machine if you can just attach trailers or tools to ensure that you can get the job done. You do need really durable tires with low wear, so that you can complete all the tasks at hand without running into tire problems. If you end up with a flat tire, you will have some downtime, but often it is not that big hassle. It should however always be avoided as much as you possibly can.

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