Don’t Forget The Importance Of Trailer Tires

tires technical manual

For your truck, you need to remember to also equip the trailer with proper trailer tires. Trailer tires have unique properties and they are designated for being on trailer axle position and have a marking on the tire sidewall with a ST marking.

When you select tires for your truck you have basically 3 different type of tire positions, being steer axle position, drive axle position and trailer tires. When you select the trailer tires, they should have the ST marking and should be designed for trailer use. They will have stronger less flexible sidewalls to ensure that they track straighter. The tire tread tends to be shallower to reduce any sway and ensures less heat build-up which ensures a longer tire life.

Trailer tires take a higher load so often the steel reinforcement cords used are of a larger diameter to handle the extra load that the tires need to handle. So make sure that you don’t put just any tire on the trailer. Check the tires technical manual to ensure that you select the correct tire with the right diameter for the load that you intend to carry. Also make sure that the tire pressure is followed, to guarantee that you don’t have extra high tire wear caused by high rolling resistance in under-inflated tires. Too low tire pressure will also cause the fuel costs to increase which can quickly be expensive on a large truck with high load.

If you plan to drive your truck in winter weathers, you need tires that are designed for winter conditions. They should be marked with an alpine symbol (3PMSF) on the sidewall to indicate that they have been approved for winter conditions. You should have winter tires also on the trailer, to ensure good grip on all tires for a safe and stable drive.

Haul tires are built to last for the long distance. They are able to carry high loads over long distances with minimum heat build-up and low tire wear. Haul tires can be retreaded for better tire economy, where at a fraction of the cost you can retread the tire casing with new tread, as long as the sidewalls haven’t been damaged. A good environmental and economic decision.

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