Different Types Of Mining

excavator tires

When mining you have basically open face mines or then underground mines. Open face is basically a massive pit that has been dug up and minerals or metals have been recuperated during the process. From underground mines, you will need to get deep down through a tunnel or a shaft to recuperate the metals or minerals. Open tends to be cheaper, but it also tend to be cheaper minerals that are recuperated.

Excavators, loaders and dump trucks are the main equipment used for mining, while depending on what you are mining you will have then specialty machines in addition to those. The process is easy, dig (excavator), fill into the dump truck (loader) and then the dump truck will drive and dump it to get anything valuable out of what has been mined or if it is just dirt it will dump it to give more space to get deeper.

Both the machines and the tires need to be super durable to ensure that despite the rough conditions that the tires will not cut or crack. The tires are under extreme pressure due to the high loads as well as the surroundings are filled with sharp stones and rocks. This is basically as rough as it gets for tires and tire failures on this level are also the costliest. Any downtime should be avoided to ensure a profitable operation. You don’t want to have to change tires at the bottom of the mine due to a tire failure that could have been avoided by better tires or better selection.

Mining tires include excavator tires, dump truck tires and loader tires. There can also be some differences between underground mining tires versus open mining, when it comes to tire selection. The tires tread depth is important and the tires tend to have groove depth indicators to easily monitor the tread depth, Good grip and stability combined with the low rolling resistance giving good fuel economy combined with the rubber compound that is very cut resistant. This should ensure that your tires have a long and trouble-free operating life.

When selecting it is always advisable to consult the technical tire manual to ensure that you have the proper pressure in the tires. Also verify that you have the correct tires based on the load that you plan to move with the equipment. Avoid making mistakes, where mistakes are very costly.

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