Noktop-An Economical And Environmental Way To Extend Tire Life

The costs of commercial tires can be quite high and heavy equipment will wear out tires in harsh conditions or on long hauls. Some tires can be retreaded, to replace the worn tread of the tire. The advantage is that you can reuse the expensive carcass of the tire and only add the tread, this making it a very economical solution for the tires that will wear out. It is also a more environmental solution if it is possible.

Tires that can be retreaded are the on /off road tires. Noktop technology offers a retreading option for numerous tires for both heavy equipment for all year use as well as buses and trucks. Retreading is not used for repairing tires, but just to give a tire new treads due to long term use wear of the previous treads. Giving it a basically like new tire tread for yet again a durable tire for harsh weather conditions and work conditions.

Noktop is a retreading material developed by the Finnish tire manufacturer Nokian Tires well known for producing world-class tires for harsh conditions. They invented the winter tires and have perfected them throughout the years. They unique experience of producing some of the best treads has been utilized in the retreading technology to give its customer a chance to save substantially on their tire costs.

Retreading tiresare basically just as good as new tires if it is done professionally at a Noktop dealer and will give you a chance to extend the lifetime of your tires, as long as the tire structure is intact. There are some 70% savings in oil used for retreading compared to a new tire plus you have less waste as you reuse most of the tire.

If you haven’t yet started retreading your vehicles tires, then you should start looking into retreading the tires. The economical benefits speak for themselves and also the environmental impact of retreading instead of buying new tires, when the only thing wrong with the tire per se is the worn out tread, that can be added again for a fraction of buying a new tire. You will still be able to drive on a high quality tire with an excellent tread, with good grip and stability regardless if the equipment is used on or off road.

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