New Truck Tires For Demanding Long Haul

earthmoving tires

The inventor of winter tires has now come out with a new series of truck tires to add to their existing portfolio of commercial tires. They already have tires in the bus and truck segment, but with the latest addition they further strengthen their portfolio in this area. The new addition is a new range called Nokian R-Truck tires.

Nokian Tyres is a Nordic producer of tires that has already been around for an impressive 120 years. Producing tires for the Nordic climate has given them an edge in tires for extreme conditions that can be utilized in numerous fields. It is almost 720 miles from North to South with a lot of the mining and forestry located in the North and the majority of the population in the south, so transporting heavy goods in harsh climates has been a high priority for ages.

The latest Nokian R-Truck range offers a range of heavy truck tires for on and off-road use for earthmoving and forestry use. Tires tend to be optimized for one condition, as it is very difficult to get a good tire that can handle the complexity you have when you combine two different working conditions from very challenging and complex off-road to the durability of long haul on smooth highways across the country. The Nokian R-Truck tire has managed to do just that.

It is an extremely durable tire for the off-road conditions in earthmoving and forestry with a special rubber compound that is very cut and crack resistant to ensure that you get maximum output from your tires, with minimum downtime. With wide self cleaning grooves that feature stone ejectors are great on the soft and muddy surfaces and even on snow and slush, while exhibiting great grip. Everything you want from your earthmoving tires or your forestry tires.

When you then hit the highway with these tires, you have a tire with low rolling resistance to ensure good fuel economy for the long haul drive. Low heat build up ensures low wear makes this tire a tire to last. The tire is available for all axle positions, steer, drive and trailer. Make sure to use the Nokian R-Truck tire on all axles to ensure good grip and durability all throughout. This is a tire that is built to last and to get the job done in a durable and safe manner.

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