All Buses Are Not The Same And Therefore You Might Need Different Tires

Nokian Hakkapeliitta

There is a big demand for commercial tires, with the countless of buses and trucks that are present on our streets every day, to make sure that people get to places that they want or need to be to making sure that goods are readily available around the globe.

For buses you have your city buses and you have your long distance buses that have different a bit different profile when it comes to the tires. The city tires need to be more durable for curb impacts, while still being able to handle any weather conditions. The long distance buses needs to have tires that have low heat build up with resulting low wear and low rolling resistance for the low gas mileage, while still also being able to deliver despite harsh weather conditions.

If you want a winter grip that you can rely on in all weathers, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta is probably your best choice. This is a tire from the Finnish tire producer who invented the winter tire back in the 1930-ies. This is built to have excellent grip on ice and snow, with reinforced sidewalls to cope with the curbs.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta is available for your city buses as well as any long distance buses in need of a long haul tire that is ready to meet winter conditions. People need to be able to rely on the buses to get to work on time, so they need to meet the timetable regardless of weather. This is when you need a tire that is tested and approved for winter condition with the alpine 3PMSF-symbol on the sidewall of the tire.

For the medium to long haul buses that will get us between cities, you will need a bus tire to rely on even on those icy and snowy roads, to ensure that its passengers get to the final destination according to the timetable, regardless of the weather conditions.

When it comes to weather that matches the harsh weathers experienced in Finland, Nokian Tyres have consistently for over 100 years proven that they can deliver tires for the harshest conditions from car tires to commercial tires in a wide range of uses. These tires are made to last and to get you the most operational hours of the tires.

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